SeaStar Medical to Sponsor the Critical Care Time Podcast Series Covering Vital Medical Issues for Healthcare Professionals Who Care for Critically Ill Patients

DENVER, June 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SeaStar Medical Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: ICU), a medical device company developing proprietary solutions to reduce the consequences of hyperinflammation on vital organs, announces its primary sponsorship of the first season of the Critical Care Time podcast series. These 24 weekly podcasts will delve into vital medical issues facing healthcare professionals who care for critically ill patients. The first podcast in the series, “Undifferentiated Shock: I,” will broadcast during the week of July 3rd and will be available here.

Critical Care Time Podcast

“We are excited to partner with Critical Care Time as the primary sponsor of its inaugural season. These podcasts will share insightful discussions of issues faced by physicians who care for the critically ill, whether the patient is in an intensive care unit, emergency department, operating room or ambulance,” said Kevin Chung, MD, Chief Medical Officer of SeaStar Medical. “We are impressed by the Critical Care Time team of leading physicians and are confident this podcast series will be a valuable educational resource for critical care practitioners in their fight to save lives.

“Our sponsorship allows SeaStar Medical to connect with the healthcare professionals we are working to support with our novel, patented Selective Cytopheretic Device. The SCD is our cell-directed extracorporeal therapy that has the potential to save the lives of critically ill patients afflicted with organ-damaging hyperinflammation,” he added.

“We are tremendously grateful for SeaStar Medical’s support in helping us achieve our dream of establishing this podcast,” said Cyrus Askin, MD, podcast co-creator. “We intend to take deep dives into some complex critical care issues including respectful discussions of messy or controversial topics not typically covered by other podcasts. Importantly, our focus will be on telling the human stories behind the clinical practice of medicine. After a year of planning, we are excited to finally go live.”

About the Critical Care Time Podcast
Critical Care Time strives to support all who care for the critically ill patient. Our podcasts will embrace a multi-modality learning environment that combines high-quality audio, video and infographics to enhance the educational experience. The first season of Critical Care Time is expected to include 24 podcasts of approximately 30 minutes each available here. For more information visit or visit us on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

About SeaStar Medical
SeaStar Medical is a medical technology company that is redefining how extracorporeal therapies can reduce the consequences of excessive inflammation on vital organs. SeaStar Medical’s novel technologies rely on science and innovation to provide life-saving solutions to critically ill patients. The Company is developing and commercializing cell-directed extracorporeal therapies that target the effector cells that drive systemic inflammation, causing direct tissue damage and secreting a range of pro-inflammatory cytokines that initiate and propagate imbalanced immune responses. For more information visit or visit us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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