Agorapulse and PlayPlay Reveal Global Social Media and Video Marketing Trends for 2023

Latest research proves major social media platforms prioritize video and use six essential videos to drive engagement and social media ROI.

Paris, France, July 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agorapulse, an award-winning leader in social media management, and PlayPlay, a leading video creation platform, have released “Video & Social Media 2023: Global Performance Data and Best Practices.” This in-depth report features performance data and best practices for social media marketing. 

Leveraging data from Agorapulse's social media management platform, we analyzed 5,000 posts to provide insights from industry leaders. The report also offers tips from PlayPlay regarding how brands can maximize their ROI from social media and video marketing. Marketers can dig into the report to learn about eight key video trends to help them succeed this year. Social media teams can also discover the six must-have video types every brand should have in their social media strategy.

“Videos are the most engaging content type on all major platforms," said Emeric Ernoult, CEO of Agorapulse. "We've seen an exponential increase in their use over the past year. But despite the importance of video boosting engagement, the report shows that brands continue to underuse this powerful medium. They're missing out on a huge opportunity for social media ROI!”

To discover more insights, download the Video & Social Media 2023: Global Performance Data and Best Practices report.

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