PEAR Health Labs creates Fit Warrior Mom digital solution to prep US Air Force moms for postpartum success

The scalable solution empowers new mothers to balance motherhood and military service

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PEAR Health Labs, a digital fitness company building smarter health and wellness coaching solutions with artificial intelligence, today announced the launch of Fit Warrior Mom, a first-of-its-kind solution that prepares military mothers to return to physical and mental readiness and pass the mandatory physical fitness test (PFT) within 12 months of childbirth. 

Developed in collaboration with the United States Air Force, Fit Warrior Mom creates personalized, adaptive training plans to improve strength, stamina, speed and mobility while reducing the risks of injury. The custom, scalable digital solution also provides education and access to resources for all stages of the postpartum journey and is available to users 24/7, regardless of location. 

“PEAR Health Labs is deeply committed to supporting the mothers in our armed forces who are challenged to return to service, be deployable and pass the PFT,” said Bob Allison, founder and CEO of PEAR Health Labs. “That's why we have developed a turnkey solution with a holistic approach to postpartum rehabilitation to support military moms in every way possible. Fit Warrior Mom is designed to empower these dedicated individuals, helping them regain their readiness without compromising their dreams of serving their country or raising a family.” 

The unique postpartum fitness and wellness solution harnesses the power of AI and PEAR’s innovative industry experience to deliver the following features and benefits:

  • Tailored training: The hyperpersonalized smart coaching solution is tailored to each user's unique postpartum journey, physical capabilities and fitness goals to create personalized training plans.
  • Adaptive workouts: The Fit Warrior Mom solution dynamically adjusts the intensity and difficulty of workouts as warrior mothers progress, ensuring optimal and safe training at every stage of the postnatal journey.
  • Expert guidance and valuable information: Users have oversight from their care teams and receive guidance from certified experts and helpful resources regarding postpartum fitness, nutrition, wellness, sleep and mental health.
  • Community support: Offering access to a supportive community of fellow postpartum women in the armed forces, Fit Warrior Mom helps foster camaraderie, motivation and shared experiences, providing professional support and motivation throughout the postnatal fitness journey.

Fit Warrior Mom features four phases with accompanying assessments to help users confidently pass their PFTs. Built on the Comprehensive Airman Fitness framework’s four pillars of resilience — mental, physical, social and spiritual — the scalable digital solution is currently being piloted at Air Force bases across the U.S. 

“As a women's health provider in the Air Force, I see my fellow Airmen struggle to balance readiness with motherhood on a daily basis. The first postpartum PFT is a struggle for most new moms, which we formerly had to navigate on our own,” said Major Sarah Brown-Fernandez. “The Fit Warrior Mom program takes into account all aspects of this struggle, creating a unique fitness plan to build not only the strength but also the confidence to succeed on that first postpartum PFT.”

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