VenHub, First Fully-Automated Retail Store, Announces the Closure of Its Initial Funding Round

LOS ANGELES, July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN - Today is a significant milestone in our journey at Autonomous Solutions Inc., A Wyoming Corporation, the dynamic driving force behind VenHub's ground-breaking Smart Stores. Given the demand VenHub has seen for its business model and product, it decided to announce the close of its successful Seed Financing Round today. This first funding round, which it raised from the public, will close on Thursday, August 24, 2023. This moment isn't just about wrapping up an important phase in VenHub's story but also signals the launch of a new and exciting chapter.

With a laser-sharp focus on providing unparalleled solutions to business owners and transforming consumer shopping experiences, VenHub has revolutionized the retail sector. By integrating cutting-edge technology with brick-and-mortar retail, VenHub is creating a hybrid model that offers the best of both worlds. This innovative approach has resonated powerfully with VenHub's target audience and has already helped them reach growth goals.

The incredible reception of VenHub worldwide is a compelling validation of its business model as it leads a new wave in the retail industry. The market's positive response has boosted VenHub's conviction toward its mission and strengthened its resolve to continue building and expanding.

VenHub continues to be dedicated to its mission of transforming retail for the better and looks forward to continuing to lead the way toward a more innovative and exciting future. The overwhelming demand VenHub has seen from pre-order customers, investors, and the broader public has shown how impactful VenHub will be in reshaping the global shopping landscape.

Shahan Ohanessian, CEO of Autonomous Solutions Inc., shared this: "We are humbled, grateful, and blessed by the incredibly positive feedback from our shareholders, our pre-order clients, and the people worldwide who have contacted us. We have received countless calls, emails, and messages expressing their enthusiasm for VenHub Smart Stores and their eagerness to bring our unique retail solution to their countries, cities, and local neighborhoods. We hear you, we appreciate you, and we thank you."

VenHub is excited to move forward with its next growth stage in light of these encouraging developments. The closure of this funding round is not an end but a new beginning. It is the start of the journey towards becoming a worldwide brand that provides exceptional solutions to business owners and cultivates a dynamic, unforgettable safer, easier, and smarter shopping experience for consumers.

The Company is still taking investors until Thursday, August 24. Learn more about investing in VenHub’s investment round here.

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