Jeff Cook Real Estate Highlights 2023 Top Agents of Quarter 2

Charleston, SC, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jeff Cook Real Estate is proud to announce the exceptional achievements of its top-performing agents in the second quarter of 2023. As the real estate market continues to experience dynamic shifts and challenges, the recognition of these top agents highlights their ability to adapt and thrive in a demanding and ever-changing environment. Quarter 2 has witnessed an impressive display of talent, dedication, and exceptional service, solidifying Jeff Cook Real Estate's commitment to providing exceptional services to its clients. In an industry where excellence is rewarded, these top agents have consistently gone above and beyond. Their outstanding performance is a testament to the company's core values of providing unparalleled expertise, transparency, and personalized attention to each client.

The C-Town Sells Team

Top Team at Jeff Cook Real Estate

The C Town Sells Team is led by Chandler Townsend, a native of Summerville, SC. Team members Ronald Lopez, originally from Arizona, and Dominic Macchia from Wisconsin, recently made Charleston their home and joined the team. With over two years of experience in the industry, the team has collectively served an impressive number of 30-40 families in 2023, delivering exceptional service with every transaction. When asked about their favorite aspect of working with Jeff Cook Real Estate, their response is the thriving culture and unwavering team support that fuels their success. This supportive environment has allowed Chandler to build a team where they can leverage their expertise to help new agents flourish and create lasting wealth. Contact Chandler Townsend by calling 843-428-5301 or emailing Contact Ronald Lopez by calling 843-548-8040 or emailing Contact Dominic Macchia by calling 843-920-5169 or emailing

Kirk Miller

Top Buyer Agent at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Kirk Miller is a remarkable real estate professional whose journey from being a renowned chef in Charleston's top restaurants to becoming a standout figure in the industry is nothing short of inspiring. In his six years at Jeff Cook Real Estate, Kirk, originally from Asheville, North Carolina, has served over 200 families and his biggest accomplishments include being the company's top listing agent and breaking 15 million dollars in sales during his third year. Kirk attributes his success to the team atmosphere and abundant opportunities at Jeff Cook Real Estate.  He shares, "The camaraderie and support within the team at Jeff Cook Real Estate have been instrumental in my success. The constant collaboration and encouragement create an environment that pushes us to achieve our best." Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach, Kirk Miller continues to make a lasting impact in the real estate industry. Contact Kirk Miller by calling 843-417-0531 or emailing

Brett Cole

Top Selling Agent at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Brett Cole is an experienced real estate professional with a strong connection to Charleston, having lived there since the age of 5 and graduated from the College of Charleston. With a successful six-year career, Brett has helped over 150 families, making a significant impact on their real estate journeys. He attributes his achievements to the supportive culture and outstanding staff at Jeff Cook Real Estate’s Operations Office, stating, "All departments assist the agents to ensure we have everything we need to help families with their real estate needs and, most importantly, to the closing table." Brett's proudest moments include witnessing clients' joy as they become homeowners or transition to new homes and his consistent top producer status for the past four years. He extends heartfelt thanks to his family for their unwavering support throughout his journey. With dedication and compassion, Brett Cole continues to make a positive impact on Charleston's real estate market, touching the lives of countless families along the way. Contact Brett Cole by calling 843-919-6299 or emailing

Wilton Bowman

Rising Star at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Wilton Bowman is an enthusiastic real estate professional with a mechanical engineering degree from Clemson University. Wilton holds the pride of being a loving husband to his amazing bride of 13 ½  years and a doting father to two bright and healthy kids, Mack and Eli. While he may have started his career in engineering, Wilton found his true calling in real estate, where he has been licensed for 12 years, serving dozens of families over the years. As he puts it, "I LOVE people, real estate, and real estate investing." Wilton's journey with Jeff Cook Real Estate has been a fulfilling one, and he credits that to the company's vibrant culture and competitive spirit that motivates everyone to grow and improve continually. Stepping into real estate investing during the pandemic has been his most significant achievement, opening doors to new opportunities and inspiring others. Wilton's dedication extends to the Greenwood, SC market, where he promises an exciting journey ahead through his passion for real estate and fostering a thriving community. Contact Wilton by calling 803-902-3355 or emailing

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Jeff Cook Real Estate Highlights 2023 Top Agents of Quarter 2