SalesHood Releases Generative AI Coach To Ensure Revenue Teams Are Always Ready, In Sync And On Message

SalesHood launches generative AI Coach to deliver real-time and personalized feedback to sales and customer teams by speeding up sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution.

San Francisco, California, Aug. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SalesHood, the leading purpose-built sales enablement platform, launched AI coach to augment its world-class sales training and certification applications. AI Coach uses generative AI technology to scale readiness, effectiveness and execution by efficiently keeping teams in sync and aligned with the latest messaging. All customer-facing employees across the customer journey use AI Coach to uplevel what they say and how they say it.

“Our first generative AI application, AI Coach, makes consistent and reliable one-to-one coaching and personalized feedback accessible to everyone," says Elay Cohen CEO SalesHood. “We’re democratizing how sales and marketing teams share knowledge and learn from the best with SalesHood’s AI Coach.” 

Highlights of SalesHood’s AI Coach:

Drag and drop AI criteria: Publishers easily define and publish AI generated coaching criteria for messaging and content, without any code.

AI criteria testing: Publishers efficiently test AI coaching criteria before publishing to participants.

AI observation scores: Customer-facing teams receive real-time and AI generated feedback on tone, duration, speed, key phrases mentioned and restricted phrases avoided. 

AI pitch adjustment recommendations: Summary recommendations are presented in real-time with graphical and text based qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Manager insights: AI coach provides sales managers with valuable messaging and sales process insights on their team’s performance, guiding them to have data-driven coaching conversations.

“SalesHood’s AI Coach is an excellent means to enable our teams with immediate coaching feedback on their pitch,” says Bob Kruzner, Director of Revenue Enablement at Alation. “The automated AI coaching coupled with human coaching gives our teams the real time feedback they need to be successful.” 

SalesHood AI Coach is available today and included in all pricing editions. Watch a demo. Book a live demo.

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