Self-Checkout Systems Market to Touch USD 10.66 Billion by 2030 on Account of Growing Demand for Contactless Solutions and Expansion of Retail Automation | Research by SNS Insider

Based on SNS Insider’s research, the global self-checkout systems market is experiencing robust growth, fueled by factors such as enhanced customer experience, cost optimization for retailers, advancements in AI and machine learning, integration with mobile payment platforms, and the expansion of retail automation.

Pune, Aug. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “As of the SNS Insider report, the Self-Checkout Systems Market reached a value of USD 3.79 billion in 2022. It is projected to expand to USD 10.66 billion by 2030, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% during the period from 2023 to 2030.”

Self-Checkout Systems Market Overview:

Self-checkout systems are innovative tools that transform the retail checkout process, providing customers with increased autonomy and convenience while offering businesses opportunities for cost savings and improved customer service. Nonetheless, it remains essential for retailers to strike a balance between implementing this technology and ensuring seamless customer experiences to maintain overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Market Analysis

One of the primary drivers for the self-checkout systems market is the focus on enhancing the customer experience. As consumers seek greater convenience and efficiency, self-checkout kiosks offer a quicker and hassle-free alternative to traditional cashier-assisted checkout lanes. Shoppers appreciate the autonomy and reduced waiting times, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, which, in turn, fuels the demand for these systems. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have significantly improved the accuracy and speed of self-checkout systems. These technologies enable the kiosks to efficiently handle product identification, price verification, and payment processing. As AI continues to evolve, self-checkout systems are expected to become even more sophisticated and seamless, driving their market growth further.

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Major Players included in this Report are:

  • Fujitsu Limited
  • NCR Corporation
  • Qingdao Wintec System Co., Ltd.
  • Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
  • Diebold Nixdorf
  • ePOS HYBRID, Inc.
  • ITAB
  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root Company.
  • MetroClick
  • Pyramid Computer GMBH
  • StrongPointm & Other Players

Impact of Recession on Self-Checkout Systems Market Growth

The impact of a recession on the self-checkout systems market was evident through a temporary slowdown in growth and shifting consumer preferences. However, the period also presented an opportunity for industry players to innovate and develop solutions that addressed the concerns of both retailers and consumers. Technological advancements, emphasis on safety and hygiene, and diversification into non-retail sectors all played a crucial role in mitigating the impact of the recession on the market.

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War

The Russia-Ukraine War has created a complex web of challenges for the self-checkout systems market. From supply chain disruptions and decreased market growth to increased cybersecurity concerns and shifting market priorities, the impacts have been significant and multifaceted. However, amid these challenges, opportunities have arisen for local manufacturers and innovators to step up and drive growth in the industry. As geopolitical situations evolve, businesses in the market must remain adaptive and resilient to navigate the ever-changing landscape.

Self-Checkout Systems Market Report Scope:

Report Attributes Details
Market Size in 2022  US$ 3.79 Bn
Market Size by 2030  US$ 10.66 Bn
CAGR  CAGR of 13.8% From 2023 to 2030
Base Year  2022
Forecast Period  2023-2030
Historical Data  2020-2021
Self-Checkout Systems Market: Key Segmentation • By Component (Systems, Services)
• By Mounting Type (Standalone, Wall-Mounted, Mobile)
• By Type (Cash-based systems, Cashless-based systems)
• By Application (Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Others)
Key Regional Coverage North America (US, Canada, Mexico), Europe (Eastern Europe [Poland, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Rest of Eastern Europe] Western Europe] Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Rest of Western Europe]), Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Rest of Asia Pacific), Middle East & Africa (Middle East [UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Rest of Middle East], Africa [Nigeria, South Africa, Rest of Africa], Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia Rest of Latin America)
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Key Regional Developments

The self-checkout systems market's regional dynamics reflect the diverse consumer preferences and retail landscapes across different parts of the world. As technology continues to advance, the market is likely to witness further innovations that enhance the efficiency, security, and overall customer experience of self-checkout systems. Retailers and technology providers must remain agile and responsive to regional trends and demands to capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by this rapidly evolving market.

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Key Takeaway from Self-Checkout Systems Market Study

  • As the retail industry continues to embrace technological advancements, self-checkout systems have emerged as a transformative force. Among the various segments within the market, the Systems Segment and Cashless-Based Systems Segment are set to dominate, reshaping the way consumers shop and revolutionizing store operations.
  • The Systems Segment provides a solid foundation for autonomous retail experiences, offering enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Meanwhile, the Cashless-Based Systems Segment caters to the rising demand for contactless payments and data-driven insights, driving the industry forward.

Recent Developments Related to Self-Checkout Systems Market

  • In a groundbreaking collaboration, Shift4, a leading payment processing, and technology solutions provider has joined forces with Mashgin, a pioneering company specializing in computer vision self-checkout systems.
  • In an ever-evolving retail landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for any size retailer to thrive. Today, Partner Tech takes a giant leap forward with the launch of its groundbreaking self-checkout solution that promises to revolutionize the shopping experience for both customers and store owners alike.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Dynamics

4. Impact Analysis

5. Value Chain Analysis

6. Porter’s 5 forces model

7. PEST Analysis

8. Self-checkout Systems Market Segmentation, By Component

9. Self-checkout Systems Market Segmentation, By Mounting Type

10. Self-checkout Systems Market Segmentation, By Type

11. Self-checkout Systems Market Segmentation, By Application

12. Regional Analysis

13. Company Profile

14. Competitive Landscape

15. USE Cases and Best Practices

16. Conclusion

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