Reducing CAPEX and OPEX with 4x Increase in Throughput and Coverage Over LTE

Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA), Aug. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, and STRACONTech, a Kinetic Mesh Partner in Lima, Peru, have increased bandwidth and improved networking coverage at Constancia Mine in Peru with Rajant’s Peregrine LTE BreadCrumb®. The large copper mine in south Peru.

After reviewing options, the mine selected to invest in Rajant’s proven solution for mobility, which allows an almost “plug-and-play” integration with the mine’s existing LTE network. Eduardo Rojas, IT Manager in Hudbay, points out, “Our mining operation needed a better design for its haulage and loading fleet. With the Rajant hybrid solution, we now have a significant increase in bandwidth, which will allow us to be more efficient."

With the Rajant Peregrine LTE, the mine obtained a 4x performance improvement, going from a limit of 10Mbps with LTE up to 40 Mbps.

The Rajant Peregrine LTE allows connectivity on multiple frequencies simultaneously, including LTE. This improves operations so connectivity is not lost with the mining fleet even when interference exists on the 2.4GHz, 5Ghz, or LTE band.

Rajant Vice President of Sales (Americas/APAC) Sagar Chandra adds, “All mining operations want reliable and scalable connectivity. We successfully improved the performance of the installed LTE network using the Peregrine LTE, which offers the unique benefit of Kinetic Mesh and direct machine-to-machine connectivity.”

Rajant and STRACONTech teams started with a proof of concept, resulting in a larger phased installation, delivering improved performance. STRACONTech’s team explains, “We measured 30-32 Mbps at 1 km while the mine’s LTE had a ceiling of 10 Mbps. We solved the challenge they had. Moreover, the investment in the Peregrine LTE was a one-time cost for the mine without recurring annual software or maintenance costs, saving them long-term.”


STRACONTech is a mining company that provides integrated technology services focused on the mining sector seeking productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainable business operations.
Its business units are: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Solutions, Cybersecurity, and Energy. For more, visit stracontech.com.

About Rajant Corporation
Rajant Corporation is the broadband communications technology company that invented Kinetic Mesh® networking, BreadCrumb® wireless nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software. With Rajant, customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver on-demand, mission-critical business intelligence. A low-latency, high-throughput, and secure solution for a variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks provide industrial customers with full mobility, allowing them to take their private network applications and data anywhere. With successful deployments in more than 80 countries for customers in military, mining, ports, rail, oil & gas, petrochemical plants, municipalities, and agriculture. Rajant is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities and offices in Arizona and Kentucky. For more information, visit Rajant.com or follow Rajant on LinkedIn and Twitter.