Alpha Sigma Capital Research Releases New Research on OriginTrail (TRAC) Blockchain’s Impact on AI Hallucinations

OriginTrail (TRAC) is a decentralized knowledge graph (DKG) that has crafted a mechanism that not only decentralizes knowledge but also ensures its verifiability

Bradenton, FL, Aug. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Transform Holdings’ subsidiary Alpha Sigma Capital Research, a leading blockchain research firm, and subsidiary of Alpha Transform Holdings, today released a research report on OriginTrail, (TRAC) a new ecosystem dedicated to making the global economy work sustainably by organizing humanity's most important knowledge assets.

  • OriginTrail terms "knowledge assets,” and through these assets, individuals, and entities gain the ability to own, distribute, and validate knowledge with unparalleled ease. By converting knowledge into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and storing them on the blockchain, users can seamlessly publish, update, and safeguard their valuable insights in real time. These NFT-based knowledge assets possess incredible versatility, representing a wide range of information, from deeds and transactions to resumes and certifications.
  • Tokenizing knowledge in this manner offers multiple advantages. Tokenizing knowledge guarantees ownership and access rights to the rightful parties, enhancing accountability and transparency. Moreover, this approach opens up new opportunities for discoverability, similar to how Google utilizes semantics and knowledge graphs to enhance search and inquiry processes on its platform. Additionally, through the use of a robust tokenomic model, users are incentivized to post and maintain these knowledge assets in a sustainable manner. 
  • Knowledge assets and the DKG can be utilized as a powerful tool to improve the current AI LLM landscape. Current LLM models are still experiencing hallucinations because the data they are trained on is frequently incomplete or contradictory. Since knowledge assets have semantics and verifiability embedded in them, they can be used to train these LLM models and create apps and chatbots that are free of hallucinations; the data being used to train these models can be traced back to a trusted, verifiable knowledge asset on the DKG. 
  • Integration of DKG gives blockchain ecosystems access to OriginTrail, including specific apps such as AI-powered search and several enterprise apps among other solutions.
  • Cross-chain knowledge portability driving semantic AI.
  • Oracle-ized semantic data feeds about off-chain and on-chain events are readily available to several blockchain ecosystems, e.g. rice feeds index from Chainlink discoverable through AI semantic search.
  • Access to more decentralized marketplaces for fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), while Knowledge Assets can be traded as NFTs across blockchains.
  • The shared user experience of trusted knowledge foundation across blockchains.

To learn more, read our Research Report.

Fair Disclosure: Alpha Sigma Capital Fund holds OriginTrail (TRAC) tokens.

About OriginTrail
OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making the global economy work sustainably by organizing humanity's most important knowledge assets. It leverages the open-source Decentralized Knowledge Graph that connects the physical world (art, healthcare, fashion, education, supply chains, etc.) and the digital world (blockchain, smart contracts, Metaverse & NFTs, etc.) in a single connected reality driving transparency and trust. Advanced knowledge graph technology currently powers trillion-dollar companies like Google and Facebook. By reshaping it for Web3, the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph provides a crucial fabric to link, verify, and value data on both physical and digital assets. Website:

About Trace Labs
Trace Labs is the core developer of OriginTrail — the open-source Decentralized Knowledge Graph. Trace Labs' technology is being used by global enterprises (e.g. over 40% of US imports including Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot are exchanging security audits with OriginTrail DKG) in multiple industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, international trade, decentralized applications and more.  Website: 

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