Study: Hospital Leaders Focusing on Foodservice to Improve Overall Patient Satisfaction

CBORD Study Says Innovations in Meal Service Are Shaping the Patient Experience and Expanding Hospital Revenue Opportunities

ITHACA, N.Y., Aug. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hospital leaders at major healthcare institutions across the country are turning their attention to foodservice and meal preparation as a way to improve the overall patient experience, and create novel revenue opportunities, according to a recent study. With labor shortages and supply chain disruptions presenting significant challenges for hospital leaders over the past few years, the focus on nutrition comes as outpatient procedures are increasingly driving hospital revenue.

According to the findings, more than 60% of hospital leaders believe that meal service significantly impacts the overall patient experience, with many healthcare executives reporting that future institutional success will hinge on new revenue streams tied to connected foodservice systems. Many respondents are already pursuing initiatives in areas such as centralized menu management, mobile inventory, self-service ordering, and data driven waste control.

The CBORD Insights™ Patient Experience Survey* compiled responses from hundreds of patients and leaders at acute care hospitals as well as government and private hospital systems across the country. The findings provide insight into how hospitals are innovating as a means to address supply chain disruptions, labor costs, and a long-term decline in overnight stays. Additionally, the survey illustrates how the need for connected and automated systems are reshaping the hospital experience for patients.

The findings reflect an evolution in how hospitals are prioritizing the patient experience to better adapt to a decades-long trend away from inpatient care for many procedures. According to one published study, between 2008 and 2018, inpatient admissions dropped by 14% while outpatient visits per capita grew by 26%. The same study found that more than 50% of hospital revenue is now derived from outpatient visits.i

“The patient experience is a major benchmark for hospitals and includes much more than just medical care. It has grown to encompass all interactions between the institution and patient from bedside care to meal service,” said Dan Park, president and CEO of CBORD. “Hospitals are under pressure to efficiently deliver high-quality nutritious meals to patients. As this report illustrates, mobile technology can play an important role in ensuring that food ordering, preparation, and delivery are not loss leaders for a healthcare institution.”

According to the study, nearly all hospital leaders displayed a strong interest in moving toward a more connected food and nutrition service system as a means to improve operating margins. The push towards integrated centralized systems reflects an overall feeling that supply chain disruption and shortages, along with a renewed focus on patient safety, will have a significant impact on how hospitals perform financially over the next two to three years.

“What patients eat and how meals are delivered can have a significant impact on both their physical and mental health while they are under our care and afterwards,” said Marc Walters, director of nutrition services at El Centro Regional Medical Center. “System stressors of the last few years have made it even more evident that foodservice is both an essential part of patient care and a critical element of profitable operations.”

Although the top benefit of a connected foodservice system was increased food choice and frictionless interactions, many hospital leaders are also viewing food service and preparation as a means to enhance patient outcomes. Many respondents reported that decreasing risk from malnutrition diagnosis was critical to their overall mission of improving patient health.

Conducted for CBORD by KS&R, a market research firm, in March 2023. Respondents included C-suite/VP level administrators in acute care, government and private hospital system. All of the patients surveyed had stayed overnight at a hospital in the past year and received meal service during their stay.

*CBORD Insights™ Patient Experience survey, March 2023. N=180 C-suite/VP-level administrators in Acute Care, Government and Private Hospital Systems and N= 100 patient respondents.

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