Reverse Osmosis System from DROP is Top of the Line Water Filtration

Ashland, Ohio, Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DROP, a pioneer in whole-home water management systems, announces the launch of its advanced Reverse Osmosis System – a groundbreaking innovation and a significant advancement in water purification technology.

Unequivocally simple yet highly efficient, the DROP Reverse Osmosis System conveniently fits under your sink, delivering crystal clear, great tasting water by reducing an array of contaminants including chlorine, lead, pesticides, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, bacteria, and PFAS. The system also reduces sediment in water, shaping an overall superior water experience in terms of taste, odor, and appearance.

The DROP Reverse Osmosis System comes with several smart features like Quick Change Filters & Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Built-in Leak Protection, Text, Email & Push Notifications for Filter Changeouts, and Built-in UV Disinfection. It further boasts a built-in feed and delivery pump for optimal pressure and atmospheric storage for faster water production.

DROP’s goal extends beyond just providing clean and pure water. The company adheres to a holistic approach that integrates all your residential water devices such as Water SoftenersWater Filters, and Leak Detectors. The DROP ecosystem, managed via a user-friendly DROP Hub, allows you to seamlessly track and manage your household’s water consumption right from your Android or Apple devices, as well as any internet browser.

The DROP App further aids in superior water management by providing real-time alerts and notifications regarding your water usage and system status. It is designed for tech enthusiasts and non-tech users alike, to control and troubleshoot within the app effectively.

Taking user experience a notch higher, DROP’s Reverse Osmosis Unit comes with easy installation guidelines. The unit’s compact design allows for a simple installation under your sink, resulting in high-quality water purification without consuming much space.

Uniquely, the DROP Reverse Osmosis System utilizes TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) monitoring, made possible with a DROP Hub. This capacity allows for real-time tracking of all substances participating in the water composition – from minerals to harmful contaminants. Users gain valuable insight about their drinkable water, reassured by data about the system’s effective purification process.

Another feature that sets DROP’s Reverse Osmosis System apart is its commendable efficiency. The system boasts an impressive 1:1 efficiency rating, towering over most RO filters that typically have a 4:1 rating. The system sends a text, email, or push notification alert when it’s time for a filter change, ensuring constant optimal performance.

Your family’s health is paramount! The DROP Reverse Osmosis System is committed to ensuring families have access to pure, healthy water. The DROP App’s Dashboard allows you direct access to your drinking water quality and cartridge status.

Take control of your water purification routine. Welcome to a whole new level of pure, safe, and clean water with DROP’s Reverse Osmosis System.

About DROP:

DROP is an industry leader in providing comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing household and commercial water consumption. With an unwavering commitment to optimize water usage, DROP provides a flexible and innovative whole-home water management system. For more information, visit our website.