Back-to-School: CamScanner Offers Free EDU Access for Students and Educators, Boosting the Digital School Experience

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As we gear up for a new academic year, the momentum for digital learning continues to accelerate. Addressing this, CamScanner is responding proactively, enhancing the school experience by offering free EDU accounts, making digital learning more efficient and streamlined for students and educators.

With CamScanner's EDU accounts, students and educators can experience an array of benefits including:

  • Quick capture and submission of assignments, producing pristine, borderless PDFs without watermarks.
  • Archiving of class content like PPTs and daily notes for convenient access and sharing.
  • Safe submission of exam papers with clarity, ensuring accurate grading.
  • Seamless conversion of documents: PDFs to PPT, Word, Excel and more, right from their phone.
  • OCR text extraction and even translation of foreign materials, supporting 40+ languages.
  • An additional 1GB of cloud storage.
  • An ad-free experience.

Upon successful verification, users receive a full month of complimentary premium access, free of charge. After this introductory period, users can keep enjoying EDU account benefits, while attractive discounts remain available for those wishing to continue with premium benefits. By referring other EDU users, users can also prolong their premium benefits, further enriching the educational journey.

For students and educators with a valid school email from an accredited institution, getting started is simple:

  1. Open the CamScanner APP and navigate to Me — Profile Pic — 'Education Benefit' — [Account] — [Education Benefits].
  2. Click "Verify", and enter details like country, school name, and school email.
  3. After verification through email, activate the School Circle page and invite peers. Schools with over 20 verified accounts receive an automatic premium upgrade with full access to 30 benefits.

Readers can visit CamScanner’s EDU account Q&A page to learn more about the campaign.

About CamScanner

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