Global Small Launcher Vehicles and Commercial Lunar Payload Services Grants Database 2023: Mapping the Space Industry Landscape - Comprehensive Access to Grants and Contracts for the Last 20 Years

Dublin, Aug. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Database of Grants for Small Launcher Vehicles and Commercial Lunar Payload Services" database has been added to's offering.

In a landmark effort to provide unparalleled insights into the dynamic space industry, a comprehensive report has been unveiled, offering a comprehensive database of grants and contracts awarded for Launcher Vehicles and Commercial Lunar Payloads. Spanning the years from 2003 to 2023, this extensive compilation captures the evolution of space exploration and technological innovation in the realm of lunar exploration.

The report delves into the critical role of government contracts in propelling advancements within the space sector. As the industry experiences remarkable progress and pushes the boundaries of human potential beyond Earth's confines, launch vehicles and spacecraft development emerge as the driving forces behind these monumental achievements. Specifically, the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services program has emerged as a beacon of funding for ambitious lunar endeavors, ranging from landings to sample return missions and scientific exploration.

By meticulously documenting government contracts and grants, the report sheds light on the symbiotic relationship between public funding and private sector innovation. Governments' strategic investment in space projects not only fosters research and development but also catalyzes the deployment of cutting-edge technologies. This data-rich report empowers developers, investors, and space organizations with crucial insights into the funding landscape, potential collaborations, and the dynamic trajectory of space-based ventures.

With a thorough exploration of grants available for small launcher vehicles and commercial lunar payload services, the report serves as an indispensable resource for those navigating the intricate space industry. By uncovering the depth and breadth of funding opportunities, this report positions stakeholders to leverage government contracts for the advancement of space access and lunar exploration.

As the journey into the cosmos continues to captivate human imagination, this comprehensive report stands as a beacon of knowledge, guiding the way for future breakthroughs and discoveries in the realm of space exploration.

Who should read this report?

  • Space Startups and Companies: Small launcher vehicle manufacturers and operators, as well as companies offering commercial lunar payload services, can benefit from the database to explore available grant opportunities for funding their space ventures and research projects. It can assist them in securing financial support and accelerating their growth and development.
  • Research Institutions and Universities: Academic institutions and research organizations involved in space-related studies, lunar exploration, or the development of small launch vehicles can utilize the database to identify potential grants for supporting their research and development efforts. It enables them to advance their scientific endeavors and contribute to the progress of the space industry.
  • Space Industry Consultants and Advisors: Professionals and firms providing consultancy services in the space industry can use the database to assist their clients in finding suitable grant opportunities for their projects. It empowers them to guide startups and companies through the application process, increasing the chances of securing funding.
  • Government Agencies and Space Organizations: National space agencies and government departments responsible for space exploration and technology development may find the database essential in staying updated on grant offerings. It can help them support the growth of the space industry and foster innovation within the sector.
  • Investors and Venture Capital Firms: Investors interested in the space sector can leverage the database to identify startups and companies eligible for grants. It provides valuable insights into emerging players and innovative projects, aiding investors in making informed decisions about potential investment opportunities.

The Launch Vehicles overview provides details about contracts and companies involved in space exploration and launch services:

  • SpaceX: A well-known spacecraft manufacturer, launcher, and satellite communications company founded by Elon Musk.
  • Virgin Galactic: An American spaceflight company founded by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group conglomerate.
  • Firefly: An American private aerospace firm specializing in the development of launch vehicles for commercial launches to orbit.
  • Rocket Lab: An aerospace manufacturer and launch service provider known for operating the lightweight Electron orbital rocket.
  • Astra Space: An American launch vehicle company founded by Chris Kemp.
  • Blue Origin: An American aerospace, defense, space exploration company, and launch service provider founded by Jeff Bezos.
  • Vector Launch: An American space technology company with a focus on launching suborbital and orbital payloads.

The Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative overview focuses on contracts with the following companies:

  • Astrobotic Technology: A developer of advanced navigation, operation, and computing systems for spacecraft.
  • Intuitive Machines: A designer of airborne drones and lunar landers.
  • Masten Space Systems: An aerospace manufacturer company.
  • Firefly Aerospace.

Key Highlights:

  • It presents a summary of all grants categorized by market players and timeframes.
  • The report provides detailed grant data for the leading market players, including Price, Description, and Updates.
  • Additionally, it includes grant data for other market players, both from the US and globally.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Keep track of government funding received by all market players involved in Small Launcher Vehicles and Commercial Lunar Payloads.
  • Identify potential programs and projects for collaboration and cooperation.

Companies Mentioned

  • ABL Space Systems
  • Aevum
  • Astra Space
  • Astrobotic Technology
  • Blue Origin
  • ESA
  • Firefly
  • German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Gilmour Space
  • HyImpulse Technologies
  • Intuitive Machines
  • Isar Aerospace
  • Masten Space Systems
  • NASA
  • Orbex
  • PLD Space
  • Relativity Space
  • Rocket Crafters/Vaya Space
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg
  • Rocket Lab
  • Skyrora
  • SpaceX
  • UK Space Agency
  • Vector Launch
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Whittinghill Aerospace
  • X-Bow Launch Systems

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