Wizeline Introduces Pioneering AI-Native Offerings at Disney’s Data & Analytics Conference

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wizeline, an AI-focused digital services provider, made waves as it revealed its state-of-the-art "AI-Native Offerings" at the prestigious Disney’s Data & Analytics Conference. The unveiling came in front of an audience of nearly 2,000 data and analytics executives from numerous esteemed Fortune 500 companies.

Going beyond traditional AI services, Wizeline's latest offering uniquely merges AI technology with a human-centric approach. This strategic alignment underscores the firm’s belief in leveraging AI to amplify, not replace, human capabilities. As AI becomes increasingly influential in the business sector, Wizeline seeks to position itself at the forefront of AI solutions that center around people.

Aníbal Abarca, CTO and Chief of AI of Wizeline, commented, "At Wizeline, we’ve always championed the synergy between humans and technology. Our AI-Native framework emphasizes on the concept of Augmented Human Intelligence, magnifying the human potential by integrating it seamlessly with AI capabilities. This isn’t just the future of work; it’s the present that businesses need to embrace. The essence of AI is that it's a tool we provide to enhance human intelligence and creativity, empowering individuals to drive the success of our clients more effectively."

To demonstrate the capabilities and reach of their new offering, Wizeline presented two engaging demonstrations during the conference, both anchored in the theme of Generative AI. Hayde Martinez explored the complexities and opportunities of data extraction, analytics, and personalization. Concurrently, a joint presentation by Wizeline's Anibal Abarca and Sean Knapp, CEO of Ascend.io, examined the metamorphosis of the modern data stack influenced by Generative AI.

Inviting attendees to delve deeper, Wizeline spoke with many attendees at their booth, offering interactive sessions and insights into the real-world applications and advantages of their innovative solutions.

Wizeline’s long standing commitment to AI innovation is embodied in its AI-Native Framework. This model accentuates the seamless integration of AI technologies into pre-existing corporate infrastructures, and the new Augmented Human Intelligence Offering is its latest iteration, echoing Wizeline's overarching mission to drive businesses into the next era of AI integration.

Since its inception in 2014, Wizeline has expanded its reach, currently partnering with over 170 clients across 15 countries. The company stands as a testament to global collaboration and innovation, seamlessly blending onshore, nearshore, and offshore talent.

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