Arab Organization for Industrialization Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Elite Capital & Co. Limited

CAIRO, Egypt, Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mr. George Matharu, President of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, announced today that Elite Capital & Co. has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

News 29 Aug 2023

“On Monday, 21st of August 2023, Elite Capital & Co. Limited has signed a Cooperation Agreement with one of the most important and leading industrialization organizations, Arab Organization for Industrialization, after holding negotiations since May 2023, which culminated in this exceptional event,” Mr. George Matharu said.

Major General S.O. Eng. Mokhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, received Dr. Faisal Khazaal, Chairman of Elite Capital & Co. Limited - England, and the accompanying delegation.

During the discussions, the vision of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) was presented regarding deepening and increasing the proportions of local manufacturing, technology transfer and localization in many fields of different industries, and its participation in many important strategic and development projects locally and regionally in Arab and African countries. Additionally, the parties discussed utilization of financing opportunities from the Government Future Financing 2030 Program, which is managed by Elite Capital & Co. Limited, in various industrial projects implemented by the AOI.

In this regard, Major General S.O. Eng. Mokhtar Abdel Latif expressed his pride in the successful discussions with Elite Capital & Co. Limited, and its prominent economic position in financing successful economic and industrial projects at the regional and international levels, and its interest in the financing and investment sector in the Egyptian market through the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

The bilateral discussions resulted in the signing of a strategic agreement for joint cooperation, as Major General S.O. Eng. Mokhtar Abdel Latif affirmed the importance of implementing the directives of His Excellency President. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to open new horizons for investment with major international specialized institutions, according to Egypt's vision for sustainable development 2030, which contributes to strengthening Egypt's position globally.

The Arab Organization for Industrialization is one of the largest, strongest, competitive, diverse and technology-based industrial platforms in Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and worldwide, working together with its spearheading staff and key strategic partners to realize sustainable and inclusive development.

AOI consists of several levels of management, which is the Supreme Committee for the presidency of the AOI, chaired by the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the aim of setting-up the strategic policies of the organization, and the Board of Directors of AOI headed by the Chairman of the Organization.

AOI is committed to develop, invent, test and acquire latest industrial technologies and know-how in order to assure its leading competitive edge, market access and innovative supply of integrated industrial plants and services. Top-notch expertise and investments are continuously aligned with its modern clients, serving policies, programs and projects. Strategic partnerships, entrepreneurial, business and community sourced produce are quality-assured, developmental and environmentally friendly. AOI beholds its status as backbone for the localization of industry and advanced science hub in all footings. Through this it is an open institution for business solutions, learning, research and development, good practice and win-win relations worldwide.

Major General S.O. Eng. Mokhtar Abdel Latif added, "The Arab Organization for Industrialization is strongly looking forward to strengthening the partnership with Elite Capital & Co. Limited, by providing financing opportunities to attract economically feasible investments in all fields and industrial projects, exploiting research to increase marketing opportunities for products in the markets of African, Arab and European countries." Major General S.O. Eng. Mokhtar stressed that the issue of export industries represents a priority within the areas of joint cooperation, in order to increase the Egyptian exports index as one of the tributaries of raising the state's financial revenues.

Dr. Faisal Khazaal, Chairman of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, added, "We express our appreciation for this cooperation with the AOI, which has a pioneering historical role in the Arab industry, reflecting pride in all fields of industry since its establishment. With this agreement, we aim to conclude other medium and long-term joint partnerships in many different fields of industry, and to finance the implementation of many important projects in Egypt, Arab and African countries through cooperation with the AOI, which is considered the industrial backbone of the Egyptian state."

Elite Capital & Co. Limited is a Financial Management company that provides project-related services including Management, Consultancy, and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and mega commercial projects.

Elite Capital & Co. Limited offers a wealth of experience in Banking and Financial transactions and has a range of specialized advisory services for private clients, medium and large corporations as well as governments. It is also the exclusive manager of the Government Future Financing 2030 Program®.

Mr. George Matharu concluded his statement by saying: "Elite Capital & Co. Limited praised AOI's commitment to all international quality standards through its distinguished expertise in implementing various industrial and economic development projects."
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