Abuse Guardians, A National Alliance Of Lawyers Who Only Represent Survivors Of Sexual Abuse, Has Appointed Aaron Blank, Esquire As Their Attorney For Maryland

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Sept. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Abuse Guardians, a national alliance of lawyers who only represent survivors of sexual abuse, has chosen Aaron Blank, Esquire as their attorney for Maryland. 

The selection process exercised by Abuse Guardians involves attorneys following several key points. These include years of experience in representing survivors of abuse, number of cases handled, large settlements and verdicts reported, awards won by that law firm, publications by lawyers at that firm, reviews written by clients of that firm across the web, and memberships at specific industry organizations.

As an experienced Maryland sexual abuse lawyer, Aaron Blank is renowned for his unwavering dedication to his clients and has a deep understanding of the profound impact that sexual abuse can have on survivors. Blank approaches each case with empathy and sensitivity, as well as recognizing the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment for survivors to share their experiences, ensuring their voices are heard and validated. Types of cases handled by Blank include daycare abuse cases, cases of abuse at boarding schools, and abuse in religious organizations.

Abuse Guardians are proud to welcome Aaron Blank to their team. They are confident he will work tirelessly to ensure that all victims are treated with respect and dignity and that their rights are protected as he strives to help them achieve the justice they deserve.

A quote from Brian Kent on behalf of Abuse Guardians said, “Aaron is a phenomenal attorney and will serve many survivors of sexual abuse and assault in Maryland very well. We are proud to make him a member of our national alliance”.

Experienced Sex Crimes Attorney 

Sexual assault is a term used to refer to any non-consensual sexual contact. It includes rape, attempted rape, and other unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature. This definition also applies when there has been force, intimidation, threats, use of duress or coercion involved during the action.

When it comes to legal proceedings involving sexual abuse cases in Maryland, victims can seek damages for pain and suffering caused by the perpetrator through civil litigation. The experienced attorneys at Abuse Guardians (https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/maryland/) are experienced in all aspects of these types of cases, including identifying responsible parties and seeking appropriate compensation.

Abuse Guardians, a national alliance of lawyers dedicated to representing survivors of sexual abuse, stands up for those who have suffered unimaginable trauma. Among their accomplished attorneys, Aaron Blank, an experienced legal advocate specializing in sexual abuse cases, has emerged as a compassionate caretaker for survivors in Maryland. 

Aaron Blank is an experienced sexual abuse attorney licensed in the state of Maryland. He sees it as his mission to tirelessly advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, ensuring they receive the justice and recompense they’re entitled to. Alongside his dedicated team, Aaron is prepared to lend a hand in victims’ pursuit of justice. He provides compassionate representation throughout the case process so that each client can feel secure knowing they have knowledgeable advocates on their side.

About Abuse Guardian

Abuse Guardians, a national alliance of lawyers that only represents survivors of sexual abuse, comprises a team of experienced attorneys who are equipped to handle cases involving sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and other sex crimes.

The national alliance has assisted many survivors and their families toward recovery and justice and is dedicated to providing empathetic support throughout the entire legal journey. Abuse Guardian’s team of experienced attorneys will navigate the complexities of the legal process with victims, relentlessly seeking justice.

Abuse Guardians understand the impact these types of abuses can have on victims and their families and will use their skills and expertise to build a strong case for their clients. 

More Information For Victims of Sexual Assault

To find out more about Abuse Guardians and why they have appointed Aaron Blank, Esquire as their attorney for Maryland, please visit the website at abuseguardian.com.

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