Blockchain Wire Now Accepts SHIB Tokens as Payment Method

The #1 Crypto/Blockchain News Distribution Service, Blockchain Wire, Announced Integration of SHIB Tokens into Payment

NEW YORK, NY , Sept. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Transform Holdings subsidiary company, Blockchain Wire, the premier press release distribution service specializing in disseminating news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency endeavors, is excited to announce its integration of SHIB tokens as an accepted form of payment for its comprehensive services.

As the foremost choice for press release distribution, Blockchain Wire stands at the forefront of delivering news about blockchain and crypto projects and enterprises. Our expansive network ensures that news reaches diverse audiences through avenues such as broadcast and online media outlets, social media platforms, trade publications, prominent blogs, industry thought leaders, and discerning investors.

Michael Shuler, CEO, Blockchain Wire, expressed, "SHIB is a widely held token by many of our current and prospective clients. With the recent launch and bridge of Shibarium, it only makes sense for Blockchain Wire to accept such a broadly used token with a growing base of token holders and a rapidly developing layer-2 network."

Renowned for providing unparalleled value in the industry, Blockchain Wire draws upon decades of experience within the newswire sector. With a keen focus on precision distribution, user-friendly interfaces, extensive partnership integrations, and a dedicated client support team, Blockchain Wire offers an unparalleled service.

Facilitating the distribution of news for over 1,800 blockchain and crypto-specific companies, Blockchain Wire serves as a conduit for their updates to reach key traditional media junctions as well as a distinctive array of blockchain and crypto-centric platforms, blogs, and end-users spanning the globe.

In addition to the inclusion of SHIB tokens, Blockchain Wire gladly accepts BTCETHBTCHDogeLTCMaticUSDC, and USDT as alternative methods of payment, further expanding the options available to our valued clients.

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About Blockchain Wire
Blockchain Wire is the first and largest press release distribution service in the blockchain and crypto industry. With over 1,800 clients, our global scope encompasses the circulation of information through broadcast and online media platforms, social media networks, trade periodicals, prominent blogs, industry leaders, influencers, and investors.
Blockchain Wire offers unmatched value in the industry, backed by decades of experience in the newswire sector. Our approach centers on precise targeting, user-friendly functionalities, seamless partnership integrations, and an unwavering client support team.
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