Owners Bank Launches Business Credit Card Designed for Small Businesses

Offers owners increased access to financing and the unique opportunity to earn rewards, empower employees, and increase efficiency across operations.

Middletown, CONNECTICUT, Sept. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Owners Bank, a new digital bank created to meet the unique needs of small business owners, announced today the expansion of its financing offerings to include a new business credit card designed specifically for small businesses.

Owners Bank Business Credit Card was created to fill a gap in the banking industry that small business owners are facing when it comes to finding a card that meets their unique needs. This card is changing the game when it comes to serving small businesses. Unlike traditional business credit cards that often have requirements that exclude small business owners, Owners Bank’s new business credit card is open to businesses of all sizes, including sole proprietors. For those with a few employees, the credit limit can be allocated as needed among up to six cardholders, empowering employees to make critical purchases when and where they’re needed.

“At Owners Bank, we believe business credit cards are a necessity for maintaining and growing a business of any size. We were tired of seeing small businesses losing out via application denial or being forced into a consumer card that ultimately would not properly serve their business,” said David Mitchell, Founder & CEO of Owners Bank, a division of Liberty Bank. “With just a driver's license, owners can apply today for our business credit card, delegate purchasing power to their employees and bolster operational excellence."

The new business credit card is a perfect offering for small businesses, from sole proprietors to those with many employees. The card is designed specifically for small businesses, as a true business credit card that helps solve real business challenges. For instance, it will allow owners to delegate their credit limit so employees in the field have access to that credit, for things like gas purchases, buying parts, etc.  Furthermore, it offers a very competitive interest rate, far better than the average credit card interest rate and comes with a rewards program that gives 10,000 points for the first $1,000 spent. These reward points can be easily converted into Cash Back, Gift Cards or merchandise. And all along the way, features of the card and account details can be easily viewed by owners in the Owners Bank credit card app.

“Currently, many small business owners find themselves dealing with the complicated, time-wasting system of getting money into the hands of employees and tracking that spending through multiple platforms,” said Mitchell. “With our card, the process is efficient and seamless, benefiting small business owners and their operations.”

Small business owners in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut can apply today for up to a $50,000 credit limit with a competitive interest rate, exciting rewards, and a program built to fuel the success of their business. Small business owners can also contact help@ownersbank.com for more information.

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About Owners Bank
Owners Bank is all business, no BS. A new digital bank launched by Middletown, Connecticut-based Liberty Bank, one of the most established and innovative banks in the country, Owners Bank was created specifically to provide digital banking services tailored to the unique needs of small business owners and sole proprietors. It is designed to bring a high-tech, high-touch approach to small business banking through a suite of digital apps and banking services including deposit accounts, credit cards, and lending products and services. The company’s U.S.-based Business Banking Agents are specialists in small business banking and are available to offer solid advice via phone, online chat, email, or face-to-face within our online banking and mobile app. To learn more, visit here.