iLobby Announces SecurityOS – A PIAM Solution for Visitors, Contractors, and Temporary Employees

TORONTO, Sept. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  iLobby, the global leader in enterprise facility and visitor management solutions, today announced the release of SecurityOS, a Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution that extends the benefits of Access Control to visitors, contractors and other temporary guests. SecurityOS is the newest module in iLobby’s FacilityOS platform.

SecurityOS brings a new dimension to access management by offering a secure and streamlined process for issuing, tracking and managing visitor identities and temporary physical access. Employing intelligent, rule-based workflows, this innovative solution works with iLobby’s visitor management system to automate identity lifecycle management and permission provisioning for facility visitors.

Ariel Mashiyev, CEO of iLobby, emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between traditional Access Control Systems and Visitor Management Systems, stating, “Many organizations rely on Access Control Systems to securely grant employees facility access while using Visitor Management Systems to monitor and manage visitor traffic. However, neither of these systems offers an efficient means to grant access credentials to visitors, posing significant safety and security risks. SecurityOS fills this void between Access Control and Visitor Management Systems, ensuring facilities remain safe and secure.”

Designed with Security Administrators in mind, SecurityOS sets a new standard for simplicity, security, and reliability. Its flexibility allows it to adapt seamlessly to dynamic scenarios empowering organizations to implement policy-based access compliance with ease. Administrators have complete control over which points of entry visitors get access to, the timing of access, and its duration. Furthermore, a digital audit trail provides comprehensive visibility into the movement of visitors throughout their facility.

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