Claritas Acquires ArtsAI, the Fastest Growing AI Company in the Ad Technology Sector

Latest Investment by the Leader in Marketing Effectiveness Reinforces the Commitment to Provide Agencies, Brands and Publishers with a Distinctive Platform for Enhancing ROI

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claritas®, a data-driven marketing leader that leverages a proprietary identity graph to help marketers achieve superior ROI, today announced the acquisition of ArtsAI, an AI-powered solution leader that Inc. 5000 recently ranked as the fastest-growing private Ad Technology company for the second consecutive year. The acquisition, which will integrate ArtsAI’s patented, performance-enhancing technology into Claritas’ all-in-one marketing solution will accelerate client success by enhancing users’ ability to predictably drive highly personalized and profitable campaigns. Claritas and ArtsAI collectively serve over 1,300 clients, including brands like Progressive and T-Mobile, agencies like Horizon, MediaCom and Hearts & Science and publishers like iHeartMedia and SXM.

Claritas’ acquisition of ArtsAI is the fourth in a series the company has made during its mission-based, five-year transformation to become the top closed-loop service provider in the industry. Leveraging an industry-leading proprietary identity graph, Claritas addresses the massive multichannel marketing sector’s need for an independent, 3rd party suite of solutions that make it easy for agencies, publishers, and brands to identify ideal audiences, deliver effective multichannel engagements and optimize campaigns through a robust set of measurement solutions.

“We’ve spent the last five years transforming the Claritas business to expand and enhance our value proposition to better meet our customers’ evolving needs”, said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “We are hyper-focused on providing our clients with unparalleled ways to win, and the acquisition of ArtsAI helps achieve this objective. This acquisition will give us a significant advantage in the field of AI-based marketing measurement and optimization, and we fully expect it will help us continue and even increase the amazing growth we’ve experienced in the last five years.”

“Claritas’ acquisition of ArtsAI creates something very unique. The proprietary capabilities Claritas will now bring to the market provide the advantages of AI across the entire marketing lifecycle, from customer identification and message delivery to campaign measurement and ROI optimization.” Says Jim Brennan, Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group. “The acquisition of ArtsAI will add new levels of intelligence that will deliver product advancements that do not exist today. It is another example of how Claritas continues to transform its business to meet the changing needs of marketers across all industries.”

“At Horizon Media, we are dedicated to delivering the best data-driven solutions for the brands we represent,” said Lauren Russo, EVP Managing Partner at Horizon Media. “Claritas’ acquisition of ArtsAI adds another layer of expertise & insights that we can leverage on behalf of our clients. Claritas is uniquely positioned through its identity graph to offer a single suite of solutions to help with industry-leading audience insights, campaign activation and attribution measurement.”

With the acquisition of ArtsAI, Claritas will be able to provide marketers with a one-stop marketing optimization solution that allows them to leverage artificial intelligence throughout the entire lifecycle of their multichannel marketing campaigns. For example, marketers can use the lightning-speed testing enabled by AI to measure how specific audiences respond to ads such as email, audio, CTV/OTT, or digital display in near real-time. They can then use that data to dynamically adjust audiences and messages to boost ROI.

“Combining the proprietary capabilities of Claritas and ArtsAI offers significant value for the marketplace,” says David Shiffman, EVP Research and Measurement at iHeart Media,” said David Shiffman, EVP Research and Measurement at iHeartMedia. “This acquisition showcases Claritas’ commitment to evolving audio measurement and helps ensure that publishers and marketers have access to strong, independent, third-party measurement of audio advertising.”

“We are big believers in an open ecosystem and transparent third-party measurement,” said Keri Degroote, SVP of Sales Research & Analytics at SXM Media. “So we’re thrilled to see two of our key collaborators in Claritas and ArtsAI join forces to create an even stronger, more seamless option that will deliver for both our business and our clients.” 

Claritas is owned by Carlyle Group, a global investment firm with deep industry expertise and $381 billion of assets under management as of March 31, 2023. Under the terms of the acquisition, management change/move details. The terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

About Claritas: For almost five decades, Claritas has been a trailblazer in understanding the American consumer, resulting in the industry's most embraced audience segmentation. Leveraging strategic acquisitions and a distinctive Identity Graph, the company has evolved into a marketing powerhouse. Claritas provides an all-in-one solution suite that enables marketers to enhance ROI by pinpointing ideal audiences, executing precise multichannel marketing engagements, and optimizing media spend across online and offline channels. With an accuracy-first foundation, the robust Claritas Identity Graph serves as the engine that drives these powerful solutions, encompassing a proprietary data set including 100% of U.S. adult consumers, over 1 billion devices and 10,000+ demographic and behavioral insights. Learn more at

About ArtsAI: ArtsAI provides trusted, AI-driven independent third-party solutions for modern marketers, agencies, and media companies. Our machine learning probabilistic attribution measures advertisers’ website and mobile app conversions. AI Boost provides insights, analytics, and optimizations to boost return on ad spend (ROAS). Our AI Personalization product customizes ad creative elements for each user cohort using advanced machine learning algorithms, increasing ROAS by an average of 53%. The company’s focus is audio, but our solutions also run effectively across display, digital video, and OTT/CTV. ArtsAI was recognized as the fastest-growing AdTech company in the 2023 INC 5000 ranking and #29 overall.  See for details.