SalesHood Launches Salesforce CRM Insights For Client Sites To Sell And Service Customers More Effectively And Efficiently

Empower your sales, customer success and marketing teams to consistently and predictably close more deals and renew every customer digitally with SalesHood’s CRM Insights for Client Sites

SalesHood, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- San Francisco, CA - September 14, 2023

SalesHood, the leading purpose-built sales enablement platform, launched a new way for sales and customer success teams to engage their customers and prospects digitally with CRM Insights for Client Sites. CRM insights streamlines the process of measuring content effectiveness and sales efficiency with embedded sales pipeline data, integrated using clicks and no code.

"SalesHood's Client Sites makes the job of the seller easier, more efficient and helps them standout from the competition, says John Guerriere, Direct, Revenue Enablement at Copado. "Our sellers are quickliy adopting Client Sites with their customers and prospects and closing bigger deals, faster."

"With SalesHood Client Sites, our deal velocity is up 15% and our deal size is up 400% at SmartRecruiters, says Shelby Powell, Revenue Enablement Manager, SmartRecruiters.

Highlights of SalesHood Client Sites:

  • Templates and content packs: Align sales and marketing with easy activation of digital site templates and content packs. 
  • Personalized Client Sites: Easily create, customize and share personalized Clients Sites with customers and prospects.
  • Salesforce CRM Insights: Easily track pipeline influenced, revenue influenced, and opportunities impacted with embedded statistics and metrics.
  • Connected Salesforce CRM Opportunities: Sales and customer success teams are able to easily create sites and connect their deals to them with clicks to view its impact on pipeline and revenue.
  • Opportunity Engagement Timeline: See the “History” timeline of opportunity events from the “Site Created” to “Opportunity Closed-Won” or “Opportunity.

“SalesHood Client Sites are making a big impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and customer teams,” says Elay Cohen CEO SalesHood. “Every sales and customer success person embracing Client Sites to engage their customers and prospects digitally are close more deals faster and building better customer relationships.”  

SalesHood's Salesforce CRM Insights for Client Sites is available today. Watch the Client Sites demo.

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