Catch+Release Unveils New Product Capabilities for Brands and Agencies to Source and License Content from the Internet for High Performing Marketing Campaigns

Content Licensing Marketplace Democratizes Access to Images and Videos Through Rapid Discovery via AI-Powered Search

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Catch+Release, the content licensing marketplace, today introduces a series of transformative features streamlining how great brands access relevant, fresh content from creators worldwide, who post online, everyday. New product capabilities include Collections, Licensing, and Managing of content assets across a variety of marketing campaigns and use-cases. At the forefront of this innovation is an industry-leading AI-powered search that delivers a new kind of discovery experience for creative teams, making it possible to deliver authentic, relevant content for successful campaigns. Catch+Release’s licensing features ensure creators and intellectual property holders are protected and compensated for their participation.

Beyond Custom Shoots + Stock: The Democratization of Imagery

Traditional stock libraries, known for providing a wide range of content across numerous media types, have traditionally favored staged imagery from a narrow set of creators. At the same time, a growing preference for natural, authentic visuals has emerged as everyday people share genuine moments via social media channels. Because consumers demand a more authentic experience that resonates with brands they like and trust, it demands marketing teams to look more broadly beyond only stock and custom production and integrate content from the Internet into all types of campaigns, which delivers a better return on marketing investments.

Reports highlight a growing demand for content that captures real-life moments. In a study by Stackla, it was showcased that 88% of consumers accord importance to authenticity when deciding which brands to endorse. Furthermore, a report by TINT shows that user-generated content is considered the most trustworthy, as it's created by people who are documenting firsthand experiences, original perspectives, and are sharing those assets online.

Rising Trends: Everyday Creators and Empowered Storytelling

The landscape of content creation is shifting dramatically. The ubiquity of smartphones with built-in high-resolution cameras has transformed everyday individuals into creators, capable of capturing stunning visuals that rival the quality of professional cameras. This democratization of content creation transcends influencers and professionals, giving rise to a wave of authenticity and quality that Catch+Release has harnessed to enable the world’s best brands to deliver award-winning campaigns that connect with customers and deliver a 5X ROI.

Empower Collaboration and Authenticity: New Features Unveiled

Catch+Release is at the vanguard of democratizing content licensing, and offers a potent alternative. By embracing the power of AI-powered search, Catch+Release equips brands, agencies, and creators to discover the most genuine and captivating content, sourced from social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This groundbreaking set of capabilities is reshaping the content licensing landscape.

Catch+Release's latest features include:

  • Collections: Curate Collaboratively, Inspire Creativity. Users self-create collections, collaborate with team-members to find the gems that fit the brief. Whether sourcing content from Catch+Release public galleries or search, teams assemble and curate shots that fit the need and budget. Easily invite colleagues to contribute, give feedback, and rate assets based on the Catch+Release licensability score to streamline content selection.
  • Licensing: Intuitive License Usage Process. Automate licensing by specifying usage channels, geography, and timeframes. Catch+Release manages the creator verification, negotiation, and payment processing, plus compensates all IP owners and creators. Licenses are generated and stored in one place. Content buyers are protected through indemnification starting at $1M, and up to unlimited, depending on spend level.
  • Management: Centralize and Reduce Risk. Assets are easy to manage with license-stage filters, giving users a centralized view from discovery to licensing and tracking including possible renewals. A dashboard view minimizes risk and reduces manual work as all licensed assets and usage details are centrally stored.

"With these groundbreaking features, Catch+Release isn't just changing the world of content licensing; we're orchestrating a major shift in how teams collaborate and deliver better content for better campaign results. Our marketplace brings brands together with creators, giving users the power and control to uncover, license, and distribute genuine content that resonates profoundly with audiences," said Jim McCollum, Head of Product & Engineering at Catch+Release. "With these game-changing features, we’re forging strong marketplace bonds between storytellers and creators.

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