Alpine IQ Introduces Crew: The Next-Generation Employee Engagement Platform

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpine IQ unveils Crew, a pioneering employee engagement and empowerment platform crafted meticulously for retail frontline that is set to release to the public early 2024. This initial release is set to redefine how retail teams communicate, collaborate, and celebrate success, introducing a host of innovative features to both owners and retail team members, with further enhancements anticipated in the coming months.

Crew emerges as a cutting-edge solution, offering a rich array of functionalities that foster a collaborative and rewarding work environment. The platform introduces a comprehensive dashboard that facilitates detailed tracking of sales performance through various metrics such as employee contribution, product assortment, revenue generation, and goal attainment. It also allows retailers to send targeted campaigns directly to front-line employees, ensuring they're informed and engaged with store announcements, objectives, incentive campaigns, and other internal communications.

A cornerstone of Crew is the creation and management of employee personas, known as Crew Members, which fosters a personalized approach to employee engagement and empowerment. The platform encourages a culture of recognition and reward through a goals and rewards system, where custom goals and milestones can be established to drive sales and reward teams. This system offers the flexibility to target individual or team objectives, coupled with an automatic payout system that ensures timely rewards through digital gift cards and other options.

Crew also offers functionalities to foster continuous improvement, including customizable and targeted internal surveys and the creation of product reviews based on selling history. It serves as a centralized hub to upload and share essential resources such as employee handbooks, promotional plans, and shift schedules, promoting organizational efficiency.

Elevating employee engagement further is the standalone Alpine IQ Crew App, available in Google Play and Apple App stores. The app offers personalized leaderboards, milestones, incentives, product reviews, and rewards, bringing all the fantastic features of Crew to the fingertips of retail employees. It facilitates seamless payouts, ensuring quick and easy reward redemptions, and keeps everyone informed and empowered.

Moreover, Crew inaugurates a new avenue for brand partnerships, allowing for the creation of sponsored goals and targeted messaging campaigns to drive brand sales across retail networks, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between retail partners and Crew members.

Nicholas Paschal, co-founder, and CEO of Alpine IQ said, “Crew marks a pivotal moment for Alpine IQ, as we set to redefine retail analytics and employee engagement. We are not just offering tools; we are crafting solutions that empower businesses and foster a collaborative and rewarding work environment for front-line staff.”

We invite retail operators, managers, and team members to be among the first to embrace the Crew revolution, designed to empower retail workers through collaboration, reward, and fulfillment.

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