Telesign Expands its Messaging Platform with the Introduction of Transactional Email

Integration of transactional email into Telesign’s omnichannel Messaging and Verify APIs serves to further enhance customer communications

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telesign, the leading provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, today announced the expansion of its omnichannel Messaging API to include transactional email capabilities. This addition empowers businesses with a global, scalable, and flexible solution to elevate their customer engagement strategy. Telesign enables businesses to effortlessly incorporate email communication into their brand omnichannel platform with this new seamless integration. Via a single messaging API, Telesign customers can reach and engage their customers across SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber, and now email.

Transactional emails are messages triggered by specific user-initiated actions initiated by users. Unlike promotional emails, transactional emails focus on delivering important and relevant information to recipients, such as account updates, purchase confirmations, or security alerts related to user activities. They boast 2x more opens and 3x better click-through rates compared to average emails, making them highly effective in engaging recipients. With Telesign’s email capabilities, businesses can reliably reach and engage their customers when it matters most.
“Email is a cornerstone of communication that allows businesses to establish relationships with customers,” said Telesign Product & Portfolio Vice President Chris Thompson. “With the integration of transactional email into our omnichannel Messaging API—which now includes SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber, and email through a single API—businesses now have access to a more comprehensive communications platform. Telesign’s expansion into transactional email enables companies to engage customers more effectively and enhance the overall end-user experience.”

“Integrating transactional email capabilities into Telesign’s Messaging API marks a significant advancement within today's digital landscape, making it easier and more cost-effective for companies to enhance their digital communications with customers,” said Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group. “In a climate with rising tides of data breaches, Telesign is at the forefront in helping businesses take proactive measures and foster a more secure environment in digital transactions.”

Key Benefits of Telesign’s Transactional Email Solution

Transactional emails are an essential engagement tactic throughout the customer journey. From purchase confirmations to password resets and order shipment notifications, these types of emails ensure instant delivery and exceptional open rates.

They also create positive experiences, enhance brand engagement, and increase customer satisfaction. By layering transactional emails across the customer journey, businesses can deliver a trusted experience that resonates with their customers.

Telesign’s all-in-one messaging API enables businesses to reach and engage customers on their preferred channels worldwide. More businesses are embracing omnichannel communication to streamline operations, as this option accelerates time-to-market, delivers a superior customer experience, and provides an additional channel choice.

New Use Cases for Transactional Email

  • Verification Notifications: Enhance security and authenticity by sending verification links to users’ email addresses.
  • Password Resets: Make it quicker and easier for customers to regain account access with email-based password reset links.
  • Order Confirmations: Instill confidence in customers by providing timely and detailed order confirmation information via email.
  • Account Onboarding Notifications: Guide users through the initial stages of the onboarding process with step-by-step instructions via email.
  • Double Opt-in Strategy: Increase the likelihood of users completing the opt-in process successfully by using omnichannel email to deliver verification links.
  • Reminders: Increase conversion rates by sending timely email reminders for appointments, subscriptions, or abandoned carts.
  • Follow-up Surveys: Gather valuable customer feedback by sending post-interaction surveys via email.

To learn more about Telesign’s omnichannel Messaging API and the new transactional email solution, please visit here.

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