Mojio Introduces Next-Generation Real-Time Video Telematics Platform and Integrated LTE Dashcam (Designed by SkyBell)

Mojio’s new Video Telematics Platform is fully integrated with SkyBell’s all-in-one, OBD-II powered Dashcam that features 4G LTE connectivity, GPS, dual-facing HD cameras, up to 256 GB of storage, vehicle diagnostics, and built-in ADAS capabilities. The jointly developed solution will deliver high-value use cases for consumers and fleets, with access to real-time location tracking data, video monitoring services and vehicle health insights.

Austin, TX, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, at MOVE America 2023 in Austin, Texas, where the mobility ecosystem comes together to showcase the people and technologies that are redefining transportation across the Americas, Mojio and SkyBell are announcing the joint development of a new integrated video telematics solution.

Powered by the next-generation Mojio Platform, the video telematics service combines 4G LTE connected hardware with cloud-based services and front-end software for consumers and fleets. This flexible solution can be integrated with existing telematics programs, used to build new products and services, or deployed via one of Mojio’s turnkey connected mobility services.

According to Berg Insight, the active installed base of video telematics systems in commercial and fleet applications in North America is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.0% and is forecasted to reach 8.8 million units by 2027.

This strategic partnership between Mojio and SkyBell marks a unique collaboration within the video telematics space, as the companies were able to leverage their respective areas of expertise to design and build an automotive-grade solution – in terms of scalability, security, reliability, and end-to-end system performance – that is quick-to-market and competitively priced. 

Mojio’s new Video Telematics Platform will enable a wide range of advanced features and real-time data delivery across three key categories: 

  • Trip Insights: View your vehicles on a map with live GPS location tracking, use custom geofences for contextual status updates, and get safety scores and detailed insights from each and every trip taken.
  • Video Monitoring: See what’s happening inside and out of your vehicles, 24/7, and automatically record clips of unsafe driving behavior, crashes, break-in attempts, and other disturbances like bumps or towing.
  • Vehicle Health: Reduce downtime and repair costs with vehicle health insights, including error codes, safety recalls and predictive failure alerts, and monitor performance with access to enhanced OEM PID data including odometer, oil level and TPMS.

“Our entry into the video telematics space marks a new era for Mojio, but our customer-centric focus remains the same – to deliver a smarter, safer and more affordable ownership experience for drivers and vehicle owners,” shared Kenny Hawk, Mojio’s CEO. “By partnering with SkyBell, we’re able to provide best-in-class hardware backed by proven manufacturing and an unmatched intellectual property portfolio. We’re thrilled to be working with SkyBell to bring our integrated solution to market!”

SkyBell, known as a pioneer in smart video doorbell technology, is expanding into new safety sectors with “Designed by SkyBell.” In collaboration with Mojio, they’ve unveiled a cost-effective and easily installed all-in-one Dashcam. This new device features dual-facing high-definition cameras, a cabin privacy cover, and an adjustable mount. It’s powered via an ODB-II dongle, which also accesses vehicle data. For electric vehicles without an ODB-II port, a USB-C cable is provided.

"Coupling with Mojio's expertise marks a monumental stride for SkyBell. As we continuously evolve, this collaboration amplifies our commitment to advancing safety and security for consumers. We're not just merging technologies; we're co-creating a future where peace of mind is the standard,” said Giovanni Tomaselli, President and CEO at SkyBell. “The potential verticals we can address together are vast and multifaceted, opening doors to innovative solutions previously unimagined. I genuinely believe that together, SkyBell and Mojio will redefine what's possible in this space, and I'm immensely excited for what lies ahead for both our companies and, most importantly, the customer.”

Mojio and SkyBell will begin customer deployments in late 2023 via the Mojio Mobility line of products, including Force by Mojio – the highest rated vehicle tracking and fleet management solution designed specifically for small businesses.

The integrated video telematics solution will be showcased in booth #1417 at MOVE America on September 26th and 27th at the Austin Convention Center. 

If you’d like to discuss what video telematics can do for you and your customers, please reach out to Mojio via our website at


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About Mojio:

Scalable, secure and hardware-agnostic, Mojio is the platform and SaaS provider of choice to build, launch and scale connected mobility services. Mojio’s platform and mobile apps deliver a smarter, safer and more convenient car ownership experience for the global driving community. Force by Mojio helps small businesses manage, monitor and maintain their fleets, while delighting their customers with real-time tracking feeds. With over 20 billion miles of telematics data gathered from more than 1.5 million vehicles, Mojio’s big data analytics framework uses machine learning to generate actionable insights, unlocking the next generation of revenue streams for companies throughout the automotive value chain.

Founded in 2012, Mojio counts some of the world’s biggest brands as customers, investors and partners, including Amazon, Audi, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, T-Mobile and Vivint. Mojio is a career accelerator for driven innovators looking to fuel the future of connected mobility. To learn more, visit Mojio’s careers page.

About SkyBell Technologies

SkyBell Technologies stands at the forefront of home security innovation, having pioneered the smart video doorbell. Our solutions are trusted by some of the world's leading home security companies. Boasting over 150 issued patents, SkyBell's cutting-edge intellectual property is set to drive the next generation of home security, automation, and Internet of Things (IoT), extending far beyond the front door. With more than two million professionally installed video doorbells, we are not just excited about our past accomplishments but also about the future possibilities for SkyBell and our partners.

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Mojio + SkyBell Announce Integrated Video Telematics Solution

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