‘Microvolts Recharged’ to launch new costume on September 26!

A new costume for ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’, a global TPS game which was listed as a new popular product on Steam within a day of its launch, will be updated and localized for some languages on September 26

BUSAN, South Korea, Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Services of ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ launched globally on September 9 are currently operating smoothly, and the game was listed in the new Steam popular products within a day of its launch. The company announced continuous improvement based on collecting feedback from users even after its launch, thereby generating a lot of excited responses.

Microvolts Recharged

This update of ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ includes new costumes that users have been waiting for will be launched in about a month, which is expected to substantially enhance the individualities of the players.

Furthermore, ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ is continuing with multi-lingual localization for global fans. Voice audio in Japanese has already been included, and game subtitle and data localization work (Japanese and Thai) will be added through this update. In addition, as localization work for numerous other languages including Spanish and Portuguese is scheduled for the near future, it is anticipated that a greater number of global fans will be able to enjoy the game more conveniently.

‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ will continuously add new modes and hold large-scale events such as seasonal league tournaments and guild tournaments in the future.

[Introduction to ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’]

‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ is a free PC online shooting game that can be accessed in Steam. It features exciting and fast-paced combats in a highly fascinating micro world. Users can participate in exciting battles through a wide range of themed maps and numerous modes.

With a wide view of the battlefield, which is a characteristic of the third-person perspective, it is easier to discern the combat situation in real time and players can create their own strategies for victory through the utilization of seven types of unique weapons. Moreover, players can also choose their own avatar from among the nine characteristic action figures offered and decorate it with a variety of the costumes available. The easy-to-use controls and characteristic casual nature of the game in consideration of the players help with relieve daily life stresses.

More information is available here: 

Website: https://mv.masanggames.com/

Forum: https://mv-forum.masanggames.com/

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1426440/MICROVOLTS_Recharged/

Discord: https://discord.gg/tKdzjmUYfj

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicrovoltsRecharged

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Masangsoft is the developer of Microvolts Recharged.