Canada’s Northlands College Launches Metaverse Campus

LA RONGE, Saskatchewan, Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Northlands College, in the wake of its transformation and remarkable increased enrollment numbers, demonstrates leadership in its technology innovation initiatives with the launch of “Northlands College Metaverse Campus”, one of the few colleges in Canada to establish a full campus presence in the Metaverse. This achievement heralds a new era of transformational learning tools as we continue to push the boundaries of education and integration of technology across Northern Saskatchewan as well as reduces the environmental footprint.

This type of metaverse campus environment will build community, open geographic borders, collapse time such as the option to attend recorded Virtual lectures that enable learners from different time zones or those learners that are working to follow experiential and “in-person” lectures on their own time.

Karsten Henriksen, President & CEO of Northlands College, acknowledged the significance of these momentous developments. He stated: "The launch of our campus in the metaverse is not just a milestone for Northlands College but also offers opportunities for members of our communities across Northern Saskatchewan to learn, grow, and excel in an area of Industry 4.0. These initiatives represent our unwavering commitment to providing educators and learners with the resources, support, and innovative platforms needed to thrive in an ever-evolving Digital North Landscape. We are not just opening doors; we are creating limitless possibilities for the future of the North."

With increased interest in skills training coupled with the growth and diversification of the Northern Saskatchewan’s economy, digital skills are essential to accessing new employment opportunities of Northerners. The College’s new Metaverse campus not only helps develop those skills but, also can enhance learning experiences in virtual classrooms within our Metaverse Campus. Students have been expressing their excitement for new technologies and anticipate they will feel more engaged using the metaverse for things like networking. Since there are no geographic borders in the metaverse, it allows people to socialize with a greater variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures as well as expand the network of those of indigenous descent.

About Northlands College

Northlands College is Saskatchewan's Northern College, dedicated to empowering learners and fostering innovation. As a leading educational institution in Northern Saskatchewan, we are committed to providing diverse academic opportunities in the fields of Flexible Learning, University Studies, Health & Wellness, and Technology and Trades.

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