Northwest Regional ESD Partners with SchooLinks to Elevate College and Career Readiness Initiatives

Oregon, Oct. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD) is thrilled to announce its latest strategic partnership aimed at improving student outcomes through intentional career and college readiness initiatives. After an extensive evaluation process, Northwest Regional ESD has chosen SchooLinks as its vendor to deliver high-quality content for postsecondary success, thereby fostering a brighter future for students across the counties they serve.

Many schools within Northwest Regional ESD's jurisdiction have lacked a comprehensive platform for career exploration and post-high school planning. Recognizing the need to bridge this gap and provide equitable opportunities for all students, the ESD undertook a mission to identify a solution that would cater to the diverse needs of the populations they support. Their selection of SchooLinks aligns perfectly with this mission, enabling schools and districts to facilitate effective career-connected learning initiatives while addressing the demand for enhanced curricular offerings. Below is a list of solutions that SchooLinks provides to support schools and their students:

  • Individual Learning Plans
  • SMART Goal Creation
  • Self-Discovery Assessments
  • Career Exploration Resources
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Work-based Learning Opportunities
  • College Research Tools
  • College Application Manager
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Support
  • College and Career Readiness Learning Units
  • Resume and Portfolio Builder

The State of Oregon has emphasized the priority of Career Connected Learning, with school districts calling for more robust and relevant curricula to prepare students for life after high school. The team at Northwest Regional ESD is proactively engaging with districts and students to identify their unique needs. This team has gained a deep understanding of the region's educational landscape by seeking perspectives, input, and feedback from multiple sources and is primed to provide support for the successful implementation of a comprehensive college and career readiness curriculum.

SchooLinks emerged as the preferred choice due to its exceptional solutions aimed at supporting guidance and career readiness educators with intentional career & college guidance curricula and tools. As part of new Oregon State requirements, Career & Technical Education students are now mandated to participate in Work-Based Learning (WBL) programming. SchooLinks streamlines the process of meeting these requirements and empowers career teachers to guide students effectively. The Northwest Regional ESD team was particularly impressed by SchooLinks' scope and sequence planning. The platform promises consistency in preparing students for the transition to postsecondary education and careers, ensuring that every student is well-equipped for success.

The team also recognizes the critical role school counselors play in students' lives, often juggling overwhelming caseloads. SchooLinks is set to improve their work by providing solutions that align with delivering college and career readiness activities to students effectively and efficiently.  Additionally, schools that previously lacked the resources to develop a comprehensive college and career awareness curriculum will now benefit from SchooLinks' tailored approach.

“We believe in the power of having a platform to support our college and career readiness initiatives. With an intentional and structured curriculum, we can help students who otherwise would not have learned about different pathways,” said Jerome Townsend, Director of Instruction for Northwest Regional ESD. “SchooLinks will help us accomplish our goals and expand opportunities for students in our region.”

To acknowledge each district's unique needs, Northwest Regional ESD is committed to working closely with each district to create a scope and sequence of activities that align with the unique needs of their student populations. This personalized approach ensures that every student's journey toward postsecondary success is carefully nurtured and supported.

Northwest Regional ESD is excited to embark on this transformative partnership with SchooLinks, embracing a future where all students are empowered to explore, dream, and succeed. Through this collaboration, the ESD reiterates its commitment to advancing educational opportunities and strengthening college and career readiness across the region.