Amidst £200m NHS Winter Resilience Boost, New Report Sheds Light on Rising Preference for Supported Living in Adult Specialist Care

Dublin, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a timely response to the UK government's recent announcement of £200 million funding to reinforce the NHS this winter, a groundbreaking report titled"Adult Specialist Care UK Market Report" has been added to's offering.

The report delves into the nuances of adult specialist care services in the UK. The report's insights, particularly concerning supported living, are instrumental for stakeholders as they navigate the challenges presented by flu, COVID-19, seasonal illnesses, and the residual effects of industrial action this winter.

Supported living's rise as the preferred choice for adult specialist care is a central theme of the report. The Adult Specialist Care UK Market Report, now in its sixth edition, is deemed indispensable for everyone involved in social care for adults under 65 – from providers and commissioners to investors, advisors, and policymakers. Crafted by esteemed market commentator, William Laing, this comprehensive report offers an unparalleled view into the £14.5 billion (2021/22) market, notably fragmented with the top four care groups contributing a mere 7.2% to the total revenue.

The current landscape reveals an increasing inclination towards supported living over care homes. The reasons are manifold – enhanced independence, personalized care, and its alignment with the preferences of both clients and their families. A staggering 95% of adult specialist care services now stem from independent sector organizations. These entities, competing in a market largely bankrolled by local authority social service departments, have been instrumental in channeling the advantages of supported living. Such setups not only meet service user preferences but also provide fiscal benefits to local councils by transferring property costs to Housing Benefits funded by the central government.

However, the journey is not without challenges. A significant one is the availability of a competent workforce. While the pandemic temporarily brought staff from varied sectors, the reopening of the economy saw this trend reverse. The solution, albeit temporary, has been hiring overseas talent, facilitated by more lenient immigration controls. Yet, the enduring workforce shortage looms large as a hurdle in satiating the escalating care demand.

The silver lining has been the widespread digitalisation in the health and social care sector. Triggered by the pandemic, this transformation promises enhanced efficiency, safety, and quality in the provisioning and commissioning of social care.

Contained within the report are comprehensive sections on:

  • Market Overview: A thorough analysis of the current market dynamics and future prospects.
  • Political and Regulatory Landscape: Essential for stakeholders to comprehend the operating environment.
  • Key Players: Insights into major providers, investors, and payors shaping the sector.
  • Workforce Trends: A focus on staffing challenges and potential solutions.
  • Market Potential: An exploration of future opportunities and growth areas.
  • Appendices: Additional resources for an in-depth understanding.

Business entrepreneurs, managers, and a myriad of professionals, including operators of residential care and nursing homes, homecare agencies, nursing agency operators, local authority commissioners, directors of adult social services, and care advisors, will find the report invaluable. Additionally, banks, investors, management consultants, policy writers, and central government entities will benefit from the insights.

As the government fortifies the NHS and social care infrastructure with significant investments, the "Adult Specialist Care UK Market Report 6ed" emerges as a beacon of knowledge, guiding stakeholders through the intricacies of the adult specialist care market.

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