Mishimoto Partners with Redwood Logistics for Seamless TMS Implementation

---- Implementation saw a quick speed to value with 7% savings in LTL and 12% savings in parcel shipping---

CHICAGO, Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mishimoto, the global leader in performance cooling products for automotive enthusiasts, faced a critical challenge when a sudden provider change jeopardized their client deliveries. To overcome this disruption, Mishimoto turned to Redwood Logistics (Redwood), one of the fastest growing modern 4PL providers in North America, for a solution that would ensure continuity in their operations.

Founded in 2005, Mishimoto has been providing cooling system upgrades for a wide range of applications, including sport compacts, powersports, trucks, Jeeps, muscle vehicles, daily drivers and classic cars. When faced with the sudden provider change, the company sought to establish new rates, set up a rating and execution platform, support both full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, and train and launch operations at two locations. Furthermore, the implementation of a transportation management system (TMS) was required to manage these complex logistics operations efficiently.

Redwood was selected to overcome this challenge as the company displayed remarkable agility and expertise. In less than two weeks, Redwood set up a TMS instance, provided essential pricing and training, and successfully launched operations at two locations. This rapid-fire implementation ensured that Mishimoto experienced no disruptions in client deliveries during this critical period.

Marc Barrer, Vice President of Operations at Mishimoto, said, “Redwood's swift and reliable solutions enabled us to overcome a challenging situation with a sudden break in a provider relationship and continue our deliveries without any disruption. Their exceptional support, including TMS implementation and LTL and parcel management, has resulted in significant cost savings and positioned Mishimoto for continued success in our global market.”

In addition to averting any client disruptions, Redwood Logistics provided a comprehensive solution that set Mishimoto up for long-term success. This included not only LTL management but also parcel procurement optimization through Redwood’s carrier contract assessment and mediation service, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Key Results Include:

  • <2 week implementation
  • 7% savings on LTL shipments
  • 12% savings on parcel shipping

“Redwood continues to be a trusted partner for companies in the automotive aftermarket and performance cooling products industry, providing innovative solutions to streamline supply chain operations and reduce costs,” said Mike Reed, Chief Product Officer, Redwood. “As a modern 4PL solution we were best positioned to offer tailored and customized physical and digital supply chain solutions to help Mishimoto overcome their provider disruption.”

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