Pixability Launches First-of-its-Kind DE&I Solution to Ensure Investment in Diverse Communities and Give Creators a Voice and Choice about Which Communities they Represent

The Inclusive Media Initiative will Direct Advertising on YouTube to Self-Identified Diverse Creators

BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pixability, (www.pixability.com), the leader in brand suitability and contextual targeting solutions for advertisers on YouTube, today announced the launch of its Inclusive Media Initiative. For the first time, creators will now be able to self-identify the communities that they represent and advertisers will be able to direct their advertising accordingly to the largest network of self-identified diverse creators available. As a result, advertisers can feel confident they are supporting the communities they want to reach while driving greater representation and diversification of their media.

“Launching this initiative is a critical step forward for Pixability and the industry ,” said David George, CEO of Pixability. “We're passionate about enabling revenue for YouTube creators who produce impactful content and believe these creators should have the power to decide with which communities they identify. Brands, agencies, and the creators themselves overwhelmingly agree and the early adoption we’ve seen by global advertisers validates that.”

Over the past several years, there has been a significant acceleration of investment from brands and agencies looking to allocate an increasing percentage of their ad spend to support specific diverse communities. Until now, however, there hasn’t been an easy way for brands to direct these investments at scale to self-identified diverse creators on YouTube.

“We are very focused on initiatives intended to drive success in the diverse creator community,” said Kim Larson, Global Managing Director and Head of YouTube Creators. “ And we’re thrilled that Pixability, one of our first YouTube Measurement Program Partners, has launched this initiative focused on providing diverse creators with an opportunity to drive authentic investment in their channels and more awareness for their communities.”

One of the challenges for advertisers trying to connect with diverse creators is that often brands and agencies are only aware of the largest creators in a particular community, while often there are thousands of lesser known creators also worthy of investment. To address this issue, Pixability solicited a broad range of diverse creators to join the self-identification initiative and, in turn, avail themselves to be included on media plans of advertisers of all sizes. Pixability is partnering with creator companies including Whalar, which is a charter partner, to invite creators to join the Initiative and self-identify.

Ashley Rudder, Chief Creator Officer, Whalar said: “The Inclusive Media Initiative allows creators to liberate their creative voice - a philosophy deeply embedded in our ethos at Whalar. For many creators of diverse backgrounds, ad revenue isn't just supplementary, it's fundamental. The intricate process of validating their affiliation with distinct communities has often posed a substantial barrier for brands eager to invest. It elevates the creators' autonomy to self-identify, paving the way for authentic engagements with brands that value and seek their unique perspectives.”

The program already has a large creator base that joined pre-launch and voluntarily provided their self-identified information about which diverse communities they represent. The majority of creators belong to multiple communities.

“When it comes to brands supporting specific communities, there isn’t always a clear path,” said Bri Hall, a well-known beauty content creator on YouTube who has recently joined the initiative. “Some third parties label creators without asking them about their own identities. The Inclusive Media initiative allows creators to tell people and brands who they are and with what communities they identify with.”

Brands and agencies are already embracing the initiative as well:

"The move toward inclusive media solutions aligns with the broader goals of the industry," stated Charisse Hughes, SVP and Chief Growth Officer at Kellanova (formerly Kellogg Company). "The dual focus on connecting brands with diverse communities and empowering creators holds potential for transformative impact."

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Alexandra Levy