Catch+Release Unveils Innovative Creator Community, Revolutionizing Content Licensing and Collaboration

The Creator Community Unlocks Creative Connections So Brands Can Easily Find Amazing Content to Safely License and Compensate Creators Fairly

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Catch+Release, the content licensing marketplace, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Creator Community. This marks a new era in content licensing, offering a dynamic space where creators can monetize their work and brands can discover and license captivating content.

The Catch+Release Creator Community

Anyone can join the Creator Community and start uploading content for brands to discover and license. Joining is free and when a creator connects their social media accounts to Catch+Release, their content automatically syncs to the marketplace and is then searchable through AI-powered technology. Creators always have the option to either accept or decline any license opportunity, and they are paid every time their content is used with the necessary permissions granted from both IP owner and models.

"Creators want to spend their time making the content they love, not hustling to find deals, doing spec work, or making sponsored content. We built the Community to give creators an effortless way to get paid fairly for content they’ve already made," shares Lauren Kostka, Senior Product Manager at Catch+Release. “And it’s not just about making money. Creators really care about how their content is used. Unlike stock marketplaces, creators can review every licensing opportunity and decide if they want to accept it.”

When creators and brands wish to connect, the community makes this familiar and trustworthy. Brands trust content from the Creator Community, because the creators have an established relationship with Catch+Release. In turn, it’s a highly efficient way to find “best fit” content that is licensable. It’s also a great way for creators to make their content instantly visible to brands who will use the content across social, digital, and various campaigns.

"The team at Catch+Release are great creative partners. They always understand the type of content we’re looking for and they know where to find it. When it comes to licensing, they're fast, efficient, and have really streamlined the whole process,” says the team at Camp+King advertising agency. “Creator content brings a level of authenticity to the work that’s difficult to capture by other means. It makes work more relatable and that ‘realness’ resonates with audiences."

Moreover, Catch+Release's AI-powered search engine provides an intuitive way to discover content within the Creator Community. Users can find content based on colors, emotions, seasonal events, and more. Creators don’t have to spend time writing detailed captions or tags to get discovered by a brand. This built-in search capability analyzes photos and videos so that even without a specific brief, anyone searching for content can find what they need.

Joining the Community Is Simple:

  • Add your content: Create your profile and add content by connecting your Instagram, TikTok or Youtube account, or upload from your camera roll
  • Set it and forget it: Optionally set your social accounts to continue to import your content going forward
  • Get discovered: As soon as you add content, it becomes available for brands to discover and request to license using AI-powered search, without the need for tagging or writing descriptions
  • Maintain control: Review and action on licensing opportunities on your dashboard. You decide whether to accept every offer.

Catch+Release’s Support for Creators

For over a decade, Catch+Release has worked alongside thousands of creators. This vibrant community includes professional filmmakers, photographers, small businesses, studios, hobbyists, renowned artists, and everyday people sharing content online. As a trusted resource for brands and marketers, Catch+Release has revolutionized how brands access and utilize existing content for their campaigns while also supporting talented creators across the globe to continue doing what they love and providing opportunities to make an income.

Monicque Silva, a creator based in Sydney, Australia, shares her enthusiasm for Catch+Release and the Creator Community: “Working with Catch+Release was a seamless experience. As an avid creator, I’ve been approached by multiple companies that promised to take my content to new heights, but I was always left disappointed. I decided to take a chance with Catch+Release and never looked back — they’re incredible. The team was so comforting, addressed my concerns, and were empathetic about my prior experiences with other companies. They were reassuring and understanding, and most importantly, delivered on their promise by licensing my content. They truly care about creators. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with Catch+Release again!”

The Catch+Release Community comes on the heels of the company's recent unveiling of a groundbreaking suite of features designed to revolutionize how prominent brands access fresh, pertinent content from creators across the globe. Every day, this wealth of creative resources grows, thanks to the contributions of creators.

"The Catch+Release Creator Community represents a significant leap forward in the world of content licensing," says Jim McCollum, Chief Technology Officer at Catch+Release. "Our platform not only facilitates the monetization of content for creators but also simplifies the process for brands and creatives seeking high-quality content. We're excited to provide a central hub that connects creators and brands so they can tell their stories in this unique way.”

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