Act-On Marketing Automation expands integration capabilities to drive Open Data Strategy, new use cases for customers

New advanced webhooks technology expands integration portfolio to open up new marketing channels, customer engagement, and communication efficiency for marketers.

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Act-On Software, a provider of enterprise marketing automation solutions, is again easing the job of marketers by expanding integration options with new advanced webhooks technology. These open up new engagement channels and use cases, within a growing martech and salestech ecosystem. In addition to Act-On’s existing integrations and open data strategy, Act-On’s advanced webhooks integration empowers organizations to interact with a massive partner ecosystem and reach an unlimited range of business needs.
As marketing technology stacks become increasingly complex and powerful, Act-On is focussed on delivering the easiest to use and most intelligent marketing automation solution, supported by an open data and extensibility philosophy. Data and integrations are paramount to B2B marketers in today's digital landscape, ensuring system interoperability while leveraging the single source of truth on customer behavior data that resides in Act-On’s marketing automation platform. 
To enable this open data strategy, Act-On provides a comprehensive integration approach including: 

  • Native integrations with leading CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite, SugarCRM, and Zendesk Sell, to provide a robust, bidirectional system for marketing and sales teams to sync data for segmentation, reporting, sales insights, and forms.
  • Built-in integrations with many solutions in the martech stack such as webinar, social media, SMS messaging, and data enhancement/augmentation solutions.
  • Act-On also provides non-native ways to integrate CRM and other martech solutions via rest API, external services such as Zapier and Cazoomi, simple FTP sync, and HTTP requests. 
  • Act-On supports data sharing with Act-On’s Customer Data Lake on Snowflake and AWS and Act-On Data Studio, providing access to reporting in an external BI system like Tableau or PowerBI. 

“Data and system extensibility is key to intelligent marketing ,” CEO Kate Johnson said. “Through comprehensive integration strategy, advanced analytics, and AI everywhere, Act-On is charting the course for Marketing Automation 3.0.”
With this latest release of advanced webhooks technology, Act-On enables B2B marketers at mid-market and enterprise organizations to engage their target audiences in more ways, streamline operations, and accelerate revenue growth. Here’s a summary of possible use cases this technology now enables:

  • Direct mail for that personal marketing touch:
    Data sharing between platforms and programmed events can trigger direct mail campaigns and gifts for welcome packages, client loyalty programs, and renewal incentives.

  • Contact information passing for CRMs, event management, or other systems:
    For customers not using one of the leading CRMs that natively integrate bidirectionally with Act-On, users can send prospect contact information into their CRM such as Zoho, Redtail for financial services or Deltek Vantagepoint CRM for project-based businesses, event system, or any other webhook enabled solution to create or update a contact record, initiate a workflow, or update a lead score. 
  • More robust alignment between Sales and Marketing:
    Webhook capabilities can send “hot prospect” notifications into Slack or contact information into a CRM to trigger sales outreach calls. Lead scores are updated automatically, delivering helpful and updated information to the correct sales owner.
  • Added calendar meeting info into Act-On to enable event follow up:
    Customers can extend the visibility of scheduled meetings to Act-On for segmentation and lead scoring considerations/use.
  • Automatic internal updates about campaign statuses:
    Integrations enhance real-time communication, cross-functional alignment, lead management, and overall efficiency by sharing campaign status and other data specific to Act-On in MSFT Teams or Slack.   
  • Maintain positive reputation and prospect trust through effective subscription adjustment:
    For non-native CRM users within Act-On, integrations more readily share data to update subscription state to respect email preferences and privacy compliance by sharing real-time opt-in/out status across applications.
  • Boosted operational efficiency and segmentation via event registration:
    External event registration insights can now easily be shared to marketing team owners for future marketing campaigns in Act-On and updated lead scores.

Act-On’s expansive native, open, and flexible integration capabilities provide marketers with a versatile platform, seamlessly connecting with various data sources, tools, and applications. 
For more information, please visit Act-On's website.

About Act-On Software
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Act-On Marketing Automation Software Expands Integrations