Blackford and AIQ Solutions Announce Commercial Partnership to Bring Advanced Clinical Decision Support Tools for Metastatic Cancer to Healthcare Providers

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blackford, the pioneering strategic imaging AI platform and solutions provider, and AIQ Solutions, a leading medical device technology provider, today announced a commercial partnership to bring advanced clinical decision support tools to healthcare professionals.

Under the partnership, AIQ Solutions' innovative technology will be integrated with Blackford's advanced enterprise AI platform. Blackford's platform and services provide healthcare professionals access to an extensive portfolio of medical AI solutions designed to drive clinical efficiency and improve patient outcomes. By integrating AIQ Solutions’ advanced clinical decision support technology into the Blackford platform, Blackford can offer healthcare providers a powerful tool for analyses and a quantification of metastatic cancers.

"Blackford is committed to providing tailored, best-of-breed AI solutions to healthcare providers to help improve clinical decision making," said Ben Panter, CEO of Blackford. "We are delighted to partner with AIQ Solutions to expand the breadth of our market-leading AI portfolio to include therapy selection and treatment optimization for patients with late-stage metastatic cancer.”

AIQ Solutions' FDA cleared TRAQinform IQ technology provides clinical decision support for oncologists, radiation oncologists and nuclear medical clinicians treating patients with metastatic cancer by quantifying each region of interest allowing for more personalized care.

“AIQ is excited about the opportunities this partnership with Blackford will bring to expand our reach to more clinicians and advance clinical care for these complex patients,” said Eric Horler, President and CEO of AIQ Solutions.

About Blackford

Blackford are pioneers in the radiology AI space, with over a decade of experience working in partnership with leading hospitals and ground-breaking technology providers. We operate as a strategic AI partner, providing access to a tried-and-tested core platform, tailored services, and a portfolio of 100+ applications to help healthcare providers unlock the value of AI and improve patient outcomes. 

Our collaboration and recent arms-length acquisition by Bayer ensures that our customers and partners have the support and long-term security needed to underpin successful AI strategies.

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About AIQ Solutions

AIQ Solutions offers innovative technologies that provide clinical decision support for clinicians treating patients with late-stage metastatic cancer. These novel technologies enable better personalization of care for patients to improve treatment outcomes. With offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and Perth, Australia, AIQ is positioned to improve patient outcomes globally.

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