Blockchain Technology is Key to Accelerating AI Adoption, According to New Report

Casper Labs survey of 600+ IT decision makers across the US, Europe and China finds significant overlap between two emerging and complementary technologies

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casper Labs, the enterprise blockchain software leader, today released a new report, “Blockchain Meets AI: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Integration.” Based on a survey of 608 IT decision makers across the US, Europe and China, the report explores how businesses are currently working with AI and blockchain, the major adoption hurdles they continue to face and how blockchain has emerged as a critical guardrail for successful AI implementations.

Report takeaways include:

AI is now the most popular application for blockchain among enterprises.

  • While a vast majority of global respondents (83%) have invested in AI, nearly half (43%) believe it poses added risks to data integrity and security, revealing a need for stronger, more reliable data architecture.
  • Over 70% of respondents associate blockchain with either improved data operability or greater transparency into data sets, and over half (51%) believe the technology’s best use case across industries is to work more efficiently with AI.
  • An even greater majority (71%) see AI and blockchain as fully complementary, indicating a critical level of comfort with and excitement for a future that brings the two technologies together.

Blockchain is starting to be recognized particularly as a vital tool for solving AI’s black box problem and driving more responsible AI innovation.

  • Nearly 50% of global respondents would be more likely to adopt blockchain if it ensured increased trustworthiness and reliability of their AI.
  • Similarly, 43% view increased AI transparency as another benefit that would likely drive blockchain adoption to enhance their organization’s AI platform.
  • A majority of respondents (83%) believe that integrating these two technologies would have either transformative potential for their industry (48%) or significant opportunities to streamline business operations (35%).
  • Focused on more responsible AI innovation, nearly half (48%) of respondents agree that having robust data privacy and security protocols is the most important measure to increase AI-blockchain integration, with a close second being transparent and auditable AI algorithms to ensure accountability and prevent biases.

“We’re starting to see the convergence of two groundbreaking technologies—AI and blockchain—unlock new opportunities for operational transparency, efficiency, and security,” said Mrinal Manohar, CEO and co-founder of Casper Labs. “In the race to solve AI’s ‘black box’ challenge, blockchain is emerging as the solution we’ve been waiting for to incorporate much-needed transparency.”

The report comes on the heels of Casper Labs’ recent webinar with IBM and Gartner®, which featured experts on AI and blockchain to explore the importance of governance and transparency in AI. The webinar also unveiled Brave.AI, the solution Casper Labs is building together with IBM to solve AI’s biggest challenges. To view the webinar and learn more about how to become an early adopter of Brave.AI, click here.

For more data and insights on blockchain and AI, download the report here.

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