Celona Streamlines Mobile Device Management for Private Wireless

Industry’s only automatic eSIM activation now allows IT staff to quickly and easily onload a fleet of client devices using their existing MDM system

CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Celona, an innovator and pioneer of private wireless services and systems, today announced the industry’s first automated eSIM (embedded SIM) solution that works with popular enterprise mobile device management (MDM) systems, such as JAMF and AirWatch.

Now available within the latest release (2308) of Celona Edge and Orchestrator, the new automated eSIM solution streamlines the onboarding of cellular-capable (CBRS) devices for use on Celona private cellular wireless networks.

Many enterprises today use MDM systems to configure, manage and secure hundreds or thousands of end devices on their networks. Through the use of custom APIs, Celona’s automated eSIM support now enables these same MDM systems to provision cellular-capable devices for use on Celona 5G LANs.

Celona’s unique support for automating the onboarding process of end devices gives IT staff myriad of benefits such as greater flexibility and convenience, the ability to remotely provision user devices and, enhanced security that protects against tampering and unauthorized access.

“As private wireless networks quickly become mainstream, we are continuing to deliver unique innovations that remove any barriers experienced by enterprise IT staff," said Puneet Shetty, VP of Products at Celona.

“Automating mobile device management and reducing the friction of securely provisioning user equipment (UE) on private wireless networks is a big win for everyone,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. “While it may seem inconsequential to many, these types of innovations are precisely what’s needed to supercharge the market for the private wireless market.”


Instead of requiring users to manually download and install eSIMs on their devices, Celona’s eSIM automation directly integrates with enterprise MDM systems. The MDM system automatically obtains the requisite eSIM location for a specific device and pushes this configuration to the device kicking off a zero-touch download and install of a distinct eSIM without any user input. Customers are also able to reset the status of eSIMs if they want to use the eSIM on different devices.

The integration of MDM system support with the Celona Orchestrator helps customers, partners and support teams gain more visibility without having to login to their MDM server. Once eSIMs are installed on the end devices, individual or a group of SIMs are easily activated, reactivated, or reset from the Celona Orchestrator. Within its all-inclusive private 4G or 5G subscription service, Celona offers 20 eSIMs per indoor AP and 40 eSIMs per outdoor AP at no cost.

Based in Silicon Valley, Celona is a pioneer and leading innovator of enterprise private wireless solutions. The company is credited with developing the industry’s first 5G LAN system, a turnkey, 4G/5G system that enables enterprises and mobile network operators address the growing demands for more deterministic wireless connectivity for critical business applications and vital use cases not met by conventional wireless alternatives. Celona’s products and technology have been selected and deployed by a wide range of customers including Verizon, NTT, SBA Communications, Standard Steel, Haslam Sports Group, and Schneider Electric. To date, the company has raised $100 million in venture funding from Qualcomm Ventures, NTT Ventures, Digital Bridge, Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed and Cervin Ventures. For more information, please visit celona.io and follow Celona on Twitter @celonaio.

David Callisch