Bestqool Revolutionizes Wellness Solutions with Latest 4 Wavelengths Red Light Therapy and Announces Black Friday Sales

Seattle, WA, Nov. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bestqool, a pioneer in innovative wellness solutions, has announced its upcoming newest product: Pro300 and BQ150, designed to expand the range of single exposure of red light therapy treatment. Simultaneously, Bestqool is thrilled to announce its Black Friday deals, offering unparalleled discounts to give back to its supporters.

Bestqool, as a new blood in the red light therapy industry, devotes itself to innovating and developing new products that provide truly positive effects. After a long period of user research, product development, and continuous testing, Bestqool finally shows off its newest product: full body red light therapy Pro300 and BQ150.

“Our mission at Bestqool has always been centered around providing truly effective products to people. Our R&D team has spent over a whole year developing Pro300 and BQ150 since we got client requests for it. From investigating customer needs, conducting market research, designing product styles, feasibility studies, continuous improvement, testing, and final production. During this time, our team faced countless challenges. Fortunately, we successfully developed this product,” said Jacob, the CEO of Bestqool. “To date, these are the largest panel light we have ever made. We also launch two full-body panels to meet customers' requirements for different appearances. In addition, we have added two new wavelengths to Pro300 and BQ150, which will meet customers’ needs for more red and near-infrared wavelengths.”

“Stronger, better!” That’s the slogan of Bestqool. And also what Bestqool stands for. In this product upgrade, two new wavelengths have been added to the new products Pro300 and BQ150. Equipped with 630nm, 660nm, 850nm, 940nm, which allows them to better deal with skin problems and penetrate deeper into tissue to treat pain. 630nm works more effective in addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and minor skin blemishes due to its proximity to the surface. 940nm light penetrates deeper into tissues compared to 850nm. Because of its larger wavelength, it can penetrate deeper into muscles, tendons, and joints, potentially reaching deeper locations for therapeutic effects. Furthermore, Bestqool has modified the BQ150 and Pro series to be splicable, allowing customers who require extra treatment areas to link two or more devices.

It is worth mentioning that Bestqool will start the Black Friday sales on November 20th, lasting for 10 days. Jacob explained the reason: “From the time I started developing BQ60, which is Bestqool’s first product, there have been many difficulties along the way. It is the support of Bestqool’s supporters that allows me to continue developing more and more effective red light therapy devices so that I can share the benefits of red light therapy with more and more clients. Taking this opportunity, I decided to provide unprecedented discounts to new and old friends of Bestqool in the last ten days of November to give back to Bestqool’s supporters. I also hope that everyone can stick to red light therapy and achieve revolutionary breakthroughs in physical and personal health. If you've never tried red light therapy before, now's the time to give it a shot."

Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive therapy procedure that uses low-level red and near-infrared light to enhance mitochondrial function. This approach optimizes cellular processes by leveraging the power of light wavelengths, enhancing energy generation (ATP), and accelerating the body's many healing systems.

The benefits of red light therapy are manifold. It enhances circulation, which ensures better oxygenation and nutrient delivery to tissues. Furthermore, red light therapy has demonstrated promising benefits in collagen formation, wrinkle reduction, and scar improvement. Notably, it effectively reduces inflammation and stimulates tissue repair, making it an ideal solution for individuals seeking pain relief, accelerated recovery from injuries, and enhanced skin health.

“We always believe that red light therapy can bring breakthrough changes to human health,” Jacob, the CEO of Bestqool, noted. “As the population ages, humanity is suffering from a pain crisis. At this moment, people need real help—not just medication, but also red light therapy.”

Red Light Therapy stands as a groundbreaking approach to pain relief and accelerated healing. The profound benefits of this therapy especially lie in its non-invasive nature and its ability to penetrate deep into the body, stimulating cellular function and triggering a cascade of rejuvenating responses.

By harnessing the power of red and near-infrared light, this therapy directly targets affected areas, boosting tissue healing and reducing inflammation. Furthermore, this technician-free treatment is very beneficial for pain treatment. Especially for people who need to treat chronic pain at home.

Moreover, red light therapy bolsters the body's natural healing processes, expediting recovery from injuries. It enhances circulation, ensuring optimal oxygenation and nutrient delivery to damaged tissues, fostering quicker healing.

Bestqool, always stands for best service, cool products.

About Bestqool:

With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Bestqool is committed to providing innovative products that genuinely enhance people's lives. Cleared by FDA, CE, FCC, and ETL, Bestqool light therapy products deliver safe, concentrated wavelengths of therapeutic natural light to your skin and cells.