Mein Adventskalender Announce The Ultimate 2023 List of Online Advent Calendar Sweepstakes

Hessen, Germany, Nov. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mein Adventskalender, the leading online advent calendar resource in Germany, is thrilled to announce the ultimate 2023 list of online Advent Calendar Sweepstakes.

Offering visitors of its website access to over 800 different Advent Calendar Sweepstakes and online competitions across Germany, Mein Adventskalender’s exhaustive list includes some of the most popular brands and companies that take part in this unique, German festive tradition.

“Behind each door lies a unique surprise, often in the form of sweepstakes or contests run by various companies, offering participants the chance to win a plethora of prizes, from beauty products to books and more,” said Markus Land for Mein Adventskalender. “Moreover, these online Advent calendar lotteries can be particularly lucrative, with some offering total prizes worth more than €300,000.”

Featuring on Facebook and Instagram, Online Advent Calendar Sweepstakes operate like a digital version of traditional advent calendars, with each day, from the 1st to the 24th of December, available for participants to click on the corresponding ‘door’ on the online calendar to be eligible for a chance to win a prize.

From vouchers and discounts to cars and the latest Apple smartphones, Mein Adventskalender’s ultimate Advent Calendar Sweepstakes 2023 list provides visitors with an easy heart function that they can select to conveniently save their favourite advent competitions and check them daily.

Some of the categories featured on Mein Adventskalender’s ultimate 2023 list of online Advent Calendar Sweepstakes include:

Food and Drinks: With renowned tea, cooking, baking, cheese, and wine brands taking part in the annual sweepstake competition, visitors of the website can win a delicious selection of delicacies, treats and high-quality utensils to make them with.

Home and Household: Lidl, Ludwig Meister and Gebers are just some of the leading companies offering a great selection of prizes for visitors who are interested in home and household products. From game consoles, candles, home accessories and tools, Mein Adventskalender makes it easy to enter a plethora of these competitions.

Fashion and Lifestyle: In Mein Adventskalender’s fashion and lifestyle advent calendar sweepstakes list, visitors of the website will find a range of well-known brands providing a number of chances over the Christmas period to secure a variety of attractive offers and surprises from clothing, lingerie, creative hobbies, shoes, jewellery and accessories.

Electronics and Technology: One of the categories with the most lucrative prizes through offering lucky sweepstake winners access to the latest smartphones, Microsoft packages, video and music downloads and test-winning applications for Windows and Mac.

Magazines and Newspapers: From leading daily newspapers to beauty magazines and those that specialise in food and drink, Mein Adventskalender’s magazines and newspapers section provide winners with an array of opportunities to win great prizes across a range of areas, including fashion, travel, technology, food, and meditation.

Children and Toys: For families, there are a number of leading online Advent Calendar Sweepstakes in Germany that offer excellent product discounts for various reputable brands, as well as the chance to get involved in competitions to win family tickets, books, toys, puzzles and baby accessories.

Sports and Fitness: Mein Adventskalender’s sports and fitness advent calendar sweepstakes list varies from the latest hiking equipment and activewear to mountain bikes, exclusive fitness memberships and vouchers for training sessions for a number of the most popular sports.

Beauty and Cosmetics: With a range of beauty products, accessories, and cosmetics from some of the biggest names in the industry, Mein Adventskalender’s beauty and cosmetic online Advent Calendar Sweepstakes list is ideal for beauty enthusiasts looking for lucrative discounts and exclusive access to the latest products.

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