DaySavers By Custom Cones USA And Acclaimed Artist Becks Launch Limited-Edition Pre-Rolled Cone Products

The Limited-Edition Pre-Roll Cones Will Be Introduced At An Exclusive Gallery Event During Miami Art Week Showcasing The Viral Sensation BUD&DOOBIE Characters by Becks

MIAMI, Nov. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DaySavers, by Custom Cones USA, the most compliant and transparent rolling paper and pre-roll brand in the cannabis industry, today announced its partnership with Becks, the founder and creative director of Wacky Backy. Becks, the creative force behind the acclaimed BUD&DOOBIE collectible figures, is known for cleverly, beautifully, and playfully intertwining cannabis and culture into bold and exciting statues. DaySavers and its sister brands Fill-a Blunts and Smoke Temple have partnered with renowned creative talent to create limited edition products designed by Becks herself, along with Ze Florist, Marlon Pruz, Artlanta, and Keekeh. The collaboration will be introduced at Becks’ grand opening gallery event in Miami at the Wynwood Walls Gallery on December 1st, as well as between December 7th and the 10th during Miami Art Week.

As part of the partnership between the DaySavers brands and Becks, the artist's unique and engaging artwork will be displayed on custom artist-edition packaging for DaySavers cones. DaySavers represents the most compliant and tested rolling papers and smoking accessories in the cannabis market, rigorously tested for heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides. Each product will be designed by Becks, Ze Florist, Marlon Pruz, Artlanta, and Keekeh, making them true, one-of-a-kind products.

“Myself and the entire DaySavers team are extremely excited to announce this partnership with Becks, Ze Florist, Marlon Pruz, Artlanta, and Keekeh. I have been a big fan of Becks’ and all the other artists’ works for many years, so having the chance to collaborate with them on something really unique has been an amazing experience,” says Harrison Bard, CEO and co-founder of Custom Cones USA and DaySavers. “We are both eager to release these products and have you all see our vision come to life.”

Regarded for the BUD&DOOBIE concept, Becks has a growing following of fans and collectors who marvel at the artist's ability to merge cannabis and design. Her celebrity fans include Rihanna, Kodak Black, 11Eleven, Club Space, DJ Who Kid and more.

“Through my many years creating the BUD&DOOBIE collectibles, I have built a place where art is intertwined with cannabis in a funky yet fun way,” says Becks, founder of Wacky Backy. “Partnering with Harrison and the DaySavers team allows me to build upon this cannabis collectibles space with new products and new designs. I cannot wait for you all to check it out!”

For more information about Wacky Backy and the Wynwood Walls Gallery event can be found at: and @wackybacky.

About DaySavers
DaySavers is the most compliant and transparent smoking accessories brand on the market, by holding itself to the same compliance standards as regulated cannabis companies. All DaySavers products are tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides. DaySavers is a house of brands that specializes in pre-rolled cones, tubes, blunts, and other innovative pre-roll products. The Fill-a Blunts brand specialized in pre-rolled blunts and Smoke Temple is a brand of luxury pre-rolled smoking accessories, the first product being a pre-rolled cross cone. The DaySavers Expert Panel reviews and approves every product sold on — giving you the confidence to taste new papers and test the very best smoking tools. We also test all our products just as strictly as regulated cannabis products, something no other rolling paper company does – that’s Simply Superior!

About Becks
Becks (aka Rebeca Gilling), the quirky founder and creative director, is funny, filter(less), and full of energy - nicknamed Hurricane Becks by her close friends, loves art, animals, and outer space. She holds a Master of Fine Arts and has been extensively published with her sculpture work. She sold her first toy concept (I BUG YOU) to Uncle Milton Toys and has never looked back.

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