Attentive Drives Record-Breaking $1.8 Billion in Online Sales During Cyber Week 2023

Leading the Charge: Attentive is the World’s #1 Conversational Marketing Platform, Generating Revenue Surge Amid Soaring Mobile Shopping Trends

  • Attentive drives record-breaking $1.8 billion in online sales during Cyber Week 2023
  • Brands powered by Attentive sent over 2.2 billion text messages, with the highest amount sent on Black Friday
  • Use of personalized text messages led to up to 36.6% in mobile purchases
  • 45% of brands sent an AI-influenced message and more than 218 million AI-influenced messages were sent
  • Brands recovered a total of $148 million from abandoned carts, converting browsers into buyers

NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Attentive, the world’s #1 conversational marketing platform, released its online shopping data covering Cyber Week–the shopping period from Monday, November 20, 2023 to Monday, November 27, 2023. In the span of just seven days, Attentive empowered over 8,000 leading businesses globally to engage with their customers by sending over 2.2 billion text messages, driving over $1.8 billion in online revenue. Attentive data unveils the unstoppable surge in mobile shopping, fueled by the power of personalized SMS and email campaigns to capture consumers' attention and wallets.

“This Cyber Week was the biggest in Attentive’s history, as our conversational marketing platform played a pivotal role in driving the success for leading brands,” said Amit Jhawar, CEO of Attentive. “Throughout this year’s crucial shopping week, global brands leaned on Attentive AI to craft customized messages for their customers, resulting in hyper-personalized and highly effective campaigns that broke through the noise.”

This year’s top themes and insights include:

Personalized SMS Messages Turn Browsers into Buyers
Personalization was a key lever to success this holiday, as brands sought out relevant messages to break through the clutter of the busiest marketing season and reach shoppers where they are. By sending timely texts based on customer’s browsing behaviors and actions, brands saw up to 36.6% of behavior-based SMS messages convert into mobile purchases and recovered a total of $148 million from abandoned carts, converting browsers into buyers.

AI is a Force Multiplier in New Era of Marketing Intelligence
This year, brands heavily leaned into Attentive AI™ to drive 1:1 personalization at scale by sending 218 million AI-influenced messages. Tailored-made for marketers, Attentive AI is trained on the industry’s largest SMS marketing dataset—over 1.4 trillion data points from 40+ billion messages across 70+ verticals. 45% of Attentive Concierge™ conversations were powered by AI, and delivered a 2.4x higher CVR as AI features helped to make messages more engaging as CTRs were higher across AI-powered text messaging message features.

Additional findings include:

  • For the second year running, the top send time for texts was noon, followed by 11am as brands sought to get in front of shoppers by lunchtime
  • Email sends peaked earlier, at 10am, but noon was the second-highest time, reinforcing that brands want to get their message across earlier in the day
  • Top verticals by revenue for SMS and email for Cyber Week are Apparel, Health & Beauty, and Jewelry and Accessories   
  • As Attentive's presence has grown in international markets like the UK and Australia, Cyber Week new subscribers increased by over 400% and 600% respectively

For more insights, sign up for Attentive’s Post-BFCM Retail Strategies webinar on December 6, co-hosted with Salesforce, Movable Ink, and Bazaarvoice.

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