Currency Exchange International, Corp. Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid

TORONTO, Nov. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Currency Exchange International, Corp. (“Currency Exchange” or the “Company”) (TSX:CXI) (OTCBB:CURN) today announces acceptance by the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") of Currency Exchange’s Notice of Intention to make a normal course issuer bid (the "NCIB") to purchase for cancellation a maximum amount of 322,169 common shares of the Company (“Common Shares”), representing 5% of the Company’s issued and outstanding common shares as at November 24, 2023.  

As of November 24, 2023, Currency Exchange had 6,443,397 Common Shares issued and outstanding.

Purchases under the NCIB may commence on December 1, 2023 and will terminate on November 30, 2024 or at such earlier date in the event that the maximum number of Common Shares sought in the NCIB has been repurchased. Currency Exchange reserves the right to terminate the NCIB earlier if it feels that it is appropriate to do so.

All Common Shares will be purchased on the open market through the facilities of the TSX as well as on alternative Canadian trading platforms, at prevailing market rates and any Common Shares purchased by Currency Exchange will be cancelled. The actual number of Common Shares that may be purchased and the timing of any such purchases will be determined by Currency Exchange. Any purchases made by Currency Exchange pursuant to the NCIB will be made in accordance with the rules and policies of the TSX.

During the most recently completed six months, the average daily trading volume for the Common Shares on the TSX was 5,373. Consequently, under the policies of the TSX, Currency Exchange will have the right to repurchase under its NCIB, during any one trading day, a maximum of 1,343 Common Shares, representing 25% of the average daily trading volume. In addition, Currency Exchange will be allowed to make a block purchase (as such term is defined in the TSX Company Manual) once per week of Common Shares not directly or indirectly owned by the insiders of Currency Exchange, in accordance with TSX policies. Currency Exchange will fund the purchases through available cash. In the previous 12 months, Currency Exchange has not repurchased any of its outstanding Common Shares.

CXI’s Group CEO, Randolph Wolfgang Pinna and the Board of Directors believe the underlying value of Currency Exchange may not be reflected in the market price of its Common Shares from time to time and that, at appropriate times, repurchasing its shares through the NCIB may represent a good use of Currency Exchange’s financial resources, as such action can protect and enhance shareholder value when opportunities or volatility arise. Therefore, the Board of Directors has determined that the NCIB is in the best interest of Currency Exchange and its shareholders.

About Currency Exchange International, Corp.

Currency Exchange International is in the business of providing comprehensive foreign exchange technology and processing services for banks, credit unions, businesses, and consumers in the United States and select clients globally. Primary products and services include the exchange of foreign currencies, wire transfer payments, Global EFTs, and foreign cheque clearing. Wholesale customers are served through its proprietary FX software applications delivered on its web-based interface, (“CXIFX”), its related APIs with core banking platforms, and through personal relationship managers. Consumers are served through Group-owned retail branches, agent retail branches, and its e-commerce platform, (“OnlineFX”).

The Group’s wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary, Exchange Bank of Canada, based in Toronto, Canada, provides foreign exchange and international payment services in Canada and select international foreign jurisdictions. Customers are served through the use of its proprietary software, (“EBCFX”), related APIs to core banking platforms, and personal relationship managers.

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