High Performance Door Maker Rytec Selects Blitzz’s App-Free Video Support to Help Customers Resume Business Operations Faster

Rytec uses live video and augmented reality (AR) to service customers from afar

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blitzz, the app-free mobile video platform for remote customer support, today announced Rytec, North America’s leading independent manufacturer of high‐speed, high‐performance doors, will use its video support platform to accelerate and enhance customer servicing and door repairs.

Rytec provides fast-acting doors for industrial, commercial, retail auto, food and beverage, and controlled‐temperature environments across North America. Its doors are critical to its customers’ business operations, helping maintain temperatures for frozen, food processing and pharmaceutical operations, enhance facility security, improve energy efficiency, and more. Before Blitzz, when a door required repair, an onsite technician from its extensive national dealer network verbally described the issue over a phone call to a service professional at Rytec’s headquarters – sometimes leading to unclear descriptions and longer servicing time.

But now, with Blitzz’s live, one-click, app-free video support software, Rytec service professionals can immediately see what the onsite technicians see in the field, allowing them to troubleshoot problems in real-time. Using Blitzz, a Rytec service professional simply sends the onsite technician a link via SMS text message. Once clicked, Rytec can see live video streaming through the technician’s camera, allowing them to visually assess the problem and collaborate via an interactive video call. Both parties can use augmented reality (AR) to draw on the screen in real-time and identify points of interest.

“Our customers depend on Rytec’s high-speed doors to operate, meet separation, storage and security criteria, and much more,” said Scott Lueneburg, Technical Support Manager of Rytec. “When our doors need servicing, Blitzz’s app-free video software gets eyes on the issue right away and helps our customers to get back to business quickly.”

Blitzz provides the following benefits for Rytec…

  • Improved communication: Due to the wiring and operational complexity of high-speed doors, onsite technicians may not always know what they’re looking at. Blitzz gives Rytec service professionals eyes on the problem immediately, eliminating frustrating verbal cues.
  • Faster time-to-resolution: Because Rytec can see what the technician can see in the field, issues are resolved faster.
  • Flatter learning curve for new technicians: Less experienced technicians can communicate over live video with a more experienced Rytec expert from afar to learn on the job, while servicing doors quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced downtime: Rytec customers don’t have to wait hours for an experienced technician to show up, and can return to normal operations faster.

“High-speed doors can be a lynchpin to a business operation. When they need to be serviced, it’s vital that it happens quickly and right the first time,” said Rama Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Blitzz. “We’re thrilled to work with Rytec to ensure its customers receive the highest level of customer service so that they can keep business running smoothly.”

For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

For more information about Rytec, visit www.rytecdoors.com.

About Blitzz
Blitzz is an ingenious app-free way to let remote technicians and support agents troubleshoot problems by seeing through an onsite smartphone camera: The technician or support agent texts a link, the customer clicks it, and then both are looking through the camera together. Blitzz helps companies save time and money by empowering customer support, field service and sales teams to get technical troubleshooting, inspection, audits, insurance claims, maintenance, and more done faster and safer. It facilitates millions of minutes of video monthly across a range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, construction, power and utilities, insurance, and more. For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

About Rytec High Performance Doors
With 150,000 doors in operation worldwide, Rytec is North America’s leading independent manufacturer of high‐speed, high‐performance doors for industrial, commercial, retail auto, food and beverage, and controlled‐temperature environments. Every door addresses a specific operational and environmental challenge and is engineered for maximum safety, productivity and efficiency. Corporate offices are headquartered in Jackson, Wisconsin, with additional manufacturing operations in Hartford, Wisconsin. Customer support is provided through national and regional offices and a network of local dealers and installers throughout North America.

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