Claritas Appoints Rex Briggs as Its Chief AI Officer

The Move Underscores the Leader in Marketing Effectiveness’ Commitment to Ensuring Agencies, Brands and Publishers are Primed to Maximize ROI in the New Era

Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claritas®, a data-driven marketing leader that leverages a proprietary identity graph to help marketers achieve superior ROI, today announced the appointment of Rex Briggs as its Chief AI Officer. The appointment of Briggs, a recognized expert in AI, data and marketing analytics, underscores its commitment to fostering growth for its client base of top agencies, brands and publishers. 

“For over three decades, top executives around the world have looked to Rex in his various marketing and technology leadership, analyst and author roles to inspire, educate and guide them,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “The fact that Claritas can now bring Rex’s knowledge and vision directly to our 1,300 clients as they assess how to apply AI to grow their businesses is beyond exciting. It is a strategic win for all. We are thrilled to welcome Rex to our team.”  

Over the last 5-years, Claritas has been on a mission-based journey to become the top closed-loop marketing effectiveness platform in the industry. Just last month, the company announced the acquisition of ArtsAI, an AI-powered solution leader that Inc. 5000 recently the Fastest Growing AI Company in the Ad Technology Sector. Powered by a leading proprietary identity graph that transforms marketing data into valuable actionable intelligence, Claritas provides agencies, publishers and brands with an independent, 3rd party solution to identify ideal audiences, deliver effective multichannel engagements and optimize campaigns through a robust set of measurement products. Now, Claritas is infusing AI across the entire company, including its infrastructure and products, to make operations more efficient and propel clients forward. The appointment of Briggs is one of a series of moves Claritas has made in support of its continuous commitment to ensuring clients have what they need to win in the era of AI. 

In the role as Chief AI Officer for Claritas, Briggs now takes responsibility for:

  • Advancing Claritas’ AI approach and solutions across its entire Identify Delivery and Optimize framework and offerings 
  • Defining the organization’s go-forward AI strategy 
  • Collaborating with other leaders and employees within the company to identify and prioritize ongoing AI opportunities.
  • Empowering its clients to tap the power of AI to drive growth effectively and ethically. 

Briggs began his career at Yankelovich Partners, where he was among the first to study the role of the internet in marketing, which brought him to WIRED, where he served as its first Director of Research. Briggs was among the first to apply neural networks to create personalized experiences on the web and the first to develop brand lift studies. Briggs was a founding member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), where he was instrumental in establishing the effectiveness of Digital Marketing through his series of research studies. Briggs founded Marketing Evolution in 2000 and was the first to develop cross-media multi-touch attribution which connected online advertising to offline sales. He was also the first to quantify the effectiveness of mobile advertising and the first to quantify the unique impact of social media posts. 

Briggs sold his controlling interest in Marketing Evolution in 2019, after which Briggs dedicated his time to working with the Ad Council and other charitable efforts where he could apply his data science and AI experience. During Briggs’ work with the Ad Council, he discovered ArtsAI and experimented with its patented AI Personalization technology. So impressed was he in its potential that Briggs started the Consortium for AI Personalization (CAP) for MMA Global, a leading trade association representing CMOs, which documented the game-changing nature of ArtsAI’s unsupervised learning and generative AI. 

“If you want to increase business results with data and AI, Rex is the go-to thought leader. He readily shares his deep expertise and is highly driven to support clients hands-on and build solutions. Claritas’ evolution over the last few years is pretty exciting for marketers looking to succeed in today’s dynamic marketing industry,” said Kay Vizon, Director, Kroger Media. “The appointment of Rex reinforces the company’s dedication to integrating AI in multiple ways and will play a vital role in helping its clients succeed in the future.” 

Throughout the roles and his journey to Claritas, Briggs has racked up an impressive series of awards, patents, marketing breakthroughs, peer-reviewed articles and books. Briggs is the best-selling author of “SIRFs-Up – How Algorithms and Software are Changing the Face of Marketing” and “What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds”.  “What Sticks” was named the #1 marketing book by Advertising Age, and was featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, NPR and The Economist. In his latest book, “The AI Conundrum” (MIT Press), Briggs and co-author Caleb Briggs explore why artificial intelligence’s strengths are also AI’s weaknesses – and how businesses can effectively apply AI to improve their business.  

His work has been translated into half a dozen languages and is taught at leading universities. Briggs is a frequent speaker across top industry events. Upon appointment, Briggs will keynote Claritas’ own Clarity event on December 7th, a future-looking day of learning in New York where Briggs will unveil prototypes for giving consumers more control of their data through AI, and transforming how marketers use data to connect with consumers and optimize business performance. 


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