ConsumerDirect Introduces Hogo, Paving the Way as America’s First Reward-Centric Personal Data Privacy App

Hogo offers the first ever reward-based personal data privacy product, helping consumers mitigate risks associated with spam, scams, and identity theft through a user-centric mobile application

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConsumerDirect®, The People First Financial Platform®, has launched its flagship privacy app Hogo®, backed by two decades of ConsumerDirect’s contributions to financial technology innovations.

Hogo is a first-of-its-kind gamified privacy app designed to aid individuals in safeguarding their personal information, both online and offline. Hogo employs a suite of nine animated guides, known as the “Hogo Helpers”, who lead users through the application to stop third parties from selling their private information and those attempting to scam them. Hogo works by scanning the web for personally identifiable information and produces a list of websites and data brokers exposing a user’s information, such as where they live, where they work, family members, and even their private emails and phone numbers. With a single swipe, Hogo users stop their private information from being sold so they can prevent being targeted in scams. For an extra layer of protection, Hogo provides users with $25k in fraud insurance. To reward users for protecting their private information, Hogo offers Hogo Coins that can be redeemed for gift cards, Helper upgrades, or plushie versions of the Helpers. Users also have the ability to access an upgraded tier that expands on privacy features and includes credit score monitoring, fraud resolution, and money management tools.

Data brokering remains a largely invisible $200 billion industry that capitalizes on the collection and sale of consumer information. Data brokers reportedly have more than 3,000 pieces of information on the average American1. The threat of data breaches, fraud, identity theft, and scams has never been higher.

“Hogo is the first app to combine gaming with consumer privacy to solve a serious problem,” said David B. Coulter, CEO of ConsumerDirect. “Data Trafficking is an epidemic leaving consumers feeling helpless – and that’s why we provide our privacy, scam assist and $25k in fraud insurance.”

Hogo is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store for download. You can also visit to learn more about Hogo and topics related to data privacy.

About Hogo®

Hogo’s mission is to empower people to defend their privacy online and in their everyday lives. Data brokers sell private information that results in significantly more spam, fraud, identity theft, and heightened risk to personal safety. With its unique animated Helpers, Hogo makes it easy for users to find and stop data brokers selling their private information and take control of their personal data. This is paired with scam prevention and $25k in fraud insurance. Hogo also provides education, tools, rewards (redeemable for gift cards and merchandise), and action-oriented credit-building features.

About ConsumerDirect®

ConsumerDirect is The People First Financial Platform®. Their mission is to provide people with unique, powerful tools to achieve their full financial potential and revolutionize how they obtain a loan. ConsumerDirect builds interactive and patented technologies that integrate with 4,000+ partners to help consumers control their credit, privacy, and money.


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