Masangsoft Launches Global New Season for MMORPG DK Online!

DK Online New Season Open

- November 29th, 00:00(PST): Season 2 Server Opens on Steam
- Excitement Builds for New Content ‘Item Collection’ and Revamped ‘Achievements’

BUSAN, South Korea, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Masangsoft (CEO Kang Sam-seok) has announced that the MMORPG ‘DK Online’ global Season 2 server will start anew on Steam.

‘DK Online’, which has captivated global fans, is a free-to-play PC online MMORPG game available on Steam. Set against the backdrop of the virtual empire Redisse, DK Online is a hardcore MMORPG where players can choose from five races and professions to cultivate.

In the Season 2 server, the 'Item Collection' system, focused on gathering designated items, has been updated, and the existing 'Achievements' system has been improved for user convenience.

To celebrate the Season 2 server opening, an exclusive Ultimate DLC for the season server has been added, along with various events such as hot time events, attendance events, and upcoming special Christmas events.

A representative from Masangsoft stated, “We’ve put in tremendous effort to meet the expectations of those who have been eagerly waiting for the new season, and we invite your continued interest and participation.”

The DK Online Season 2 server will officially open on Steam on November 29th at 00:00 (ATC), and detailed information is available on the DK online Steam Store.

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