University of Tartu and Leil Storage Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Technological Innovation in Data Storage

The University of Tartu and Leil Storage today announced a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will mark the beginning of a collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the field of data storage. This strategic partnership brings together the academic excellence of the University of Tartu and the cutting-edge technology expertise of Leil Storage to drive innovation, research, and development in the data storage sector.

TALLINN, Estonia, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The MOU, signed by Tõnu Esko, Vice Rector for Development at the University of Tartu, and Aleksandr Ragel, CEO of Leil Storage, outlines the shared objectives and scope of collaboration between the two organizations. The University of Tartu and Leil Storage are committed to enhancing their research and innovation capacities by jointly developing and implementing research projects, exchanging scientific and technical information and personnel, and exploring opportunities for the commercialization of their research outcomes.

Tõnu Esko, Vice Rector for Development at the University of Tartu, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership, highlighting its importance: “Collaboration between academia and the private sector is crucial for creating innovative solutions to complex challenges. With the global data volume expanding exponentially, its environmental impact is a growing concern. Our joint effort will focus on developing more sustainable data storage methods, aiming to reduce the environmental footprint not just for the University of Tartu, but for all entities managing large data sets.”

Aleksandr Ragel, CEO of Leil Storage, echoed these sentiments, saying, “We are excited to join forces with the University of Tartu, a recognized leader in research and innovation. This partnership will accelerate our efforts to develop green data storage solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced.”

The scope of collaboration under this MOU encompasses a wide range of activities, including contracted research and development projects, joint workshops, seminars and conferences, as well as the joint publication of research papers and reports. Additionally, the partnership will foster student internships and projects, the transfer of technology and know-how, and the exploration of intellectual property protection and commercialization opportunities.

Key areas of focus for cooperation include efficient organization of data in the file system, coding for error and erasure correction, coding for load balancing, data compression, and signal processing.

The University of Tartu and Leil Storage are excited to embark on this journey of technological innovation and look forward to pushing the boundaries of data storage solutions through their collaborative efforts.

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Leil Storage

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About the University of Tartu:
The University of Tartu, located in Estonia, is a renowned public university known for its excellence in research and education. With a rich history spanning centuries, the university is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

About Leil Storage:
Leil Storage is a private company specializing in large-scale green data storage solutions. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Leil Storage is at the forefront of developing environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced data storage solutions for the modern world.

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