Cooking Oil Market Forecast Reflects Impressive Growth Through 2030, with Asia Pacific Leading the Charge and Healthier Options Flourishing in North America

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The global cooking oil market is set to witness substantial expansion, with its value projected to surge from $201.5 billion in 2022 to $302.2 billion by 2030. This market is expected to achieve a promising CAGR of 5.2% during the period spanning 2023 to 2030.

Key Market Trends

  • Health Consciousness on the Rise: The growing awareness of healthy dietary choices is a major trend propelling the growth of the cooking oil market. Consumers are increasingly opting for cooking oils that are low in saturated fats and rich in essential nutrients.
  • Culinary Tourism and Foodservice Sector: The rise in culinary tourism and the expanding foodservice sector provide significant growth opportunities in the cooking oil market.
  • Plant-Based Cooking Oils Gaining Popularity: Growing vegan and vegetarian communities in 2022 have driven the preference for plant-based cooking oils, creating a specialized market niche.
  • Versatile Palm Oil Dominates: Palm oil, known for its versatility in culinary and industrial applications, establishes itself as the dominant product type in the market.
  • Health Benefits Drive Soy Oil Growth: In 2022, soy oil's health advantages, such as its low saturated fat content, have driven rapid growth in the market.
  • Preference for Palm Oil: Residential consumers prefer palm oil for everyday cooking due to its accessibility and affordability.
  • Asia Pacific Leads the Way: Asia Pacific's rich culinary traditions fuel extensive use of cooking oils, making it the dominant market. Increasing disposable income in countries like China and India boosts consumer purchasing power, driving market growth.
  • North America Embraces Healthier Options: Growing health awareness leads to the adoption of healthier cooking oils, fostering market growth in North America. The rising trend of home-cooked meals, influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, contributes to the region's fastest growth rate.

Key Growth Drivers

  • Growing Health Consciousness Among Consumers: Increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and the adverse effects of high-saturated-fat diets drive demand for cooking oils that are low in saturated fats and rich in essential nutrients. Manufacturers respond by producing oils that cater to specific dietary needs, promoting heart health and overall well-being.
  • Unprecedented Growth in the Foodservice Industry: The foodservice industry, including restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains, significantly drives the cooking oil market. Commercial establishments require large quantities of cooking oils to cater to customer demands, and the rise of food delivery services further escalates demand.
  • Expanding Culinary Explorations: Chefs and culinary professionals increasingly choose premium and specialty oils to enhance the taste and nutritional value of dishes. This shift towards higher-quality oils, both in commercial kitchens and households, fuels market growth.

Major Growth Barriers

  • Fluctuating Raw Material Prices: Volatility in raw material prices, particularly for oils sourced from specific crops, poses challenges for manufacturers in maintaining consistent pricing for their products, potentially impacting profit margins and consumer affordability.
  • Regulatory Constraints and Health Concerns: Stringent regulations and health concerns regarding trans fats and high levels of saturated fats limit market opportunities. Manufacturers must navigate complex regulations and invest in research and development to offer healthier alternatives.

Regional Highlights

  • Asia Pacific Dominates Revenue Contribution: Asia Pacific accounts for approximately 45% of the total market share, driven by growing consumption levels in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and India. Rising disposable income in emerging nations supports market expansion, along with the growing food industry, urbanization, and the hospitality sector.
  • North America Sees Healthier Oil Varieties: North America is expected to witness significant growth in cooking oil sales, driven by the region's focus on healthier lifestyles and dietary choices. Speciality oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are gaining popularity as perceived healthier alternatives. The trend of home cooking and diverse cuisines further boosts demand, along with the expanding foodservice industry.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Innovation in product offerings and strategic marketing will be key drivers of competitiveness in the cooking oil market. Companies investing in research and development to create unique, health-focused blends and eco-friendly packaging solutions will gain an edge. Digital marketing and online presence will play a vital role in reaching a wider consumer base, especially with the expansion of e-commerce platforms.

Collaborations with local farmers and communities for sustainable sourcing and fair trade practices will not only foster goodwill but also ensure a stable supply of raw materials.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global Cooking Oil Market Snapshot
1.2. Future Projections
1.3. Key Market Trends
1.4. Regional Snapshot, by Value, 2022
1.5. Analyst Recommendations

2. Market Overview
2.1. Market Definitions and Segmentations
2.2. Market Dynamics
2.3. Value Chain Analysis
2.4. Porter's Five Forces Analysis
2.5. COVID-19 Impact Analysis
2.6. Impact of Ukraine-Russia Conflict
2.8. PESTLE Analysis

3. Global Cooking Oil Market Outlook, 2018 - 2030
3.1. Global Cooking Oil Market Outlook, by Product Type , Value (US$ Bn), 2018 - 2030
3.1.1. Key Highlights Palm Oil Soy Oil
3.2. Global Cooking Oil Market Outlook, by End User , Value (US$ Bn), 2018 - 2030
3.2.1. Key Highlights Residential Foodservice
3.3. Global Cooking Oil Market Outlook, by Region, Value (US$ Bn), 2018 - 2030

4. North America Cooking Oil Market Outlook, 2018 - 2030

5. Europe Cooking Oil Market Outlook, 2018 - 2030

6. Asia Pacific Cooking Oil Market Outlook, 2018 - 2030

7. Latin America Cooking Oil Market Outlook, 2018 - 2030

8. Middle East & Africa Cooking Oil Market Outlook, 2018 - 2030

9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Capacity vs ApplicationHeatmap
9.2. Manufacturer vsApplicationHeatmap
9.3. Company Market Share Analysis, 2022
9.4. Competitive Dashboard
9.5. Company Profiles

  • Ajinomoto Co. Inc.
  • Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
  • Associated British Foods Plc.
  • Bunge Ltd.
  • Cargill Incorporated
  • CHS Inc.
  • Conagra Brands Inc.
  • Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.
  • Ghananuts Company Limited
  • Wilmar International Ltd.
  • IFFCO Group
  • Olam International Limited
  • Ottogi Co. Ltd.
  • Indo Agri
  • J-Oils

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