A Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the last 12 days of Christmas shopping commence, many still seek that perfect gift for loved ones. One item you can order and get immediately online, which can improve pretty much anyone’s life, is a subscription to the brain fitness app BrainHQ from Posit Science.

While fun and game-like, BrainHQ is backed by serious science — shown beneficial in hundreds of studies. As with any good holiday story, BrainHQ users tell of benefits that are both heart-warming and unexpected.

Reminiscent of the short story “Gift of the Magi,” Ernie and Betty (featured in a piece on CBS Sunday Morning) told how each thought of the other when they signed up for brain exercises. Ernie signed up to encourage Betty, because he was concerned about her memory issues, and Betty signed up to encourage Ernie, because she was concerned about his hearing loss. Each had their wish for the other come true, and were pleasantly surprised by their own benefits, including becoming much more social in the new community they’d joined.

BrainHQ has been shown to deliver many benefits to older adults across scores of studies, including better performance at standard measures of cognition (attention, processing speed, memory, and decision making), at standard measures of quality of life (mood, maintaining independent living, and health-related quality of life) and in real world activities (balance, gait, driving, listening, and seeing). However, it’s not just for older folks.

Mike, in Pittsburgh, found himself on the cusp of a couple of major life transitions: he was starting a job in a new field and also expecting his first child. One day he realized he’d be in his 50s when his child graduated high school, and decided he needed to do something to keep up with younger dads. Though a Steelers fan, he says he was inspired by the training regimen of pro quarterback Tom Brady and signed up for the TB12 version of BrainHQ. “I wanted an edge as I worked to expand my skill set and become successful in this new field,” adding “I want to be sharp for fatherhood now and stay sharp as that time goes on.” Mike also sees another benefit. “I want to be a good role model and help my kid develop healthy habits. Brain training is part of a balanced approach to health.”

Lots of people who are already in great shape use BrainHQ to improve their peak performance and build their cognitive resilience. That includes pro athletes and teams, members of the military (including US special forces), SWAT teams and other law enforcement personnel, and even folks at NASA planning for astronauts returning to the Moon and going on to Mars, who face well-known cognitive challenges from lengthy space travel.

Sometimes, just like Ernie and Betty, users of BrainHQ report not just obtaining the benefit they were seeking, but other benefits, that were unexpected.

A few years ago, Sarah, who teaches at a university in Scotland, developed a condition that interfered with her sleep. She knew how important sleep is for the brain – and that worried her. She heard about BrainHQ from BrainHQ co-founder Dr. Michael Merzenich's book, "Soft-Wired," and decided to give BrainHQ a try. “I wanted to build a cognitive reserve to set off my poor sleep,” she said. She reports not only has her sleep improved, but “I know it has helped my ability to function at an optimal level!” Sarah likes to tell people about BrainHQ. “I’ve already given BrainHQ to my brother and sister!”

Right now, you can buy gift subscription to BrainHQ (typically, $96 per year) at a $30 discount. If you’re a subscriber, you also can add family members under the family plan for $59. And if you want to enhance a gift subscription with a 90-minute class that meets weekly for 10 weeks, that’s just $99.

BrainHQ has shown benefits in hundreds of studies. BrainHQ is offered, without charge, by leading national and 5-star Medicare Advantage plans and by leading medical centers, clinics, and communities. Consumers can try a BrainHQ exercise for free daily at https://www.brainhq.com.