Capitaliz Unveils Dynamic Revaluation Feature to Help Business Owners and Their Advisors Maximize Business Value

Valuation and Exit Planning Software Platform Reveals Financial Impact of Business Investments in Real-Time

Denver, Dec. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Capitaliz, a leading digital platform for exit planners to deliver scalable business valuation, succession, and exit planning outcomes, today launched its Dynamic Revaluation™ feature. The product enhancement employs predictive intelligence to enable advisers to determine the monetary impact from changes and investments in a business, helping advisers to prioritize valuable areas for growth while avoiding areas that may yield little value enhancement or no result.

Capitaliz’s insights and valuation tools allow business owners to identify current valuation and key actions to accelerate business value. The platform leverages its proprietary 21-step process which has been used for more than a decade with business owners to identify, protect, accelerate, unlock, and manage value in privately owned businesses. Understanding that businesses with proper succession planning command a 15% higher valuation compared to their unprepared peers, Capitaliz has designed and implemented this new feature to help all business owners close the value gap through constantly revaluing a client’s business as owners work through its 21-step process.  

“It’s not enough to get a single valuation–which is a reflection of a business at just one point in time–it’s integral for anyone advising private business owners to understand the true impact of changing and improving different areas of a business and how it can grow a businesses value over time,” said Craig West, Founder of Capitaliz. “This feature is a game-changer for business owners and their advisers, as it helps identify and prioritize the items that will significantly impact business valuation. It’s predictive intelligence on the highest value areas and the actual worth of each change, allowing for a real-time accurate and comprehensive business valuation.” 

Through the Capitaliz dashboard, clients can easily view their current valuation and track the progress toward their company’s value potential. The new feature intends to provide clarity and focus while offering measurable results.   

“As a business coach focused on delivering value acceleration in advance of an owner’s successful exit or transition, it has always been essential for me to demonstrate to clients the value delivered on a regular basis,” said G. Thomas Battle, Jr. President of Financial Designs. “Capitaliz’s Dynamic Revaluation feature will shine a brighter light on the payoff from the hard work being completed and serve as a source of truth when business results soften or when the team neglects critical operating disciplines. The return on investment in business coaching will be crystal clear to the client which will increase the stickiness to my client engagements.”

The Dynamic Revaluation feature is informed by three primary factors that affect business valuations: Changes in economic or industry factors, such as interest rates, inflation, and foreign exchange rates; financial performance changes, such as profitability, cash flow, and net assets; and non-financial metrics such as strategic growth scores and risk factors in the foundation score. This approach ensures that valuations are consistently accurate and up to date. 

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Capitaliz is a leading digital platform for exit planners to deliver scalable business valuation, succession, and exit planning outcomes. Created by exit and succession planning veterans, Capitaliz is built with the understanding of exit strategies and proven methodologies to accelerate business value and improve outcomes for private business owners. Succession planning guidance and insights for mid-market clients are paired with collaborative tools, automated recommendations, and administrative functions to help businesses maximize value and manage risk. Capitaliz is headquartered out of Sydney, Australia and works with advisors throughout Australia, the UK, and North America. For more information, visit