Elf in Concert: a 20th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles With Renowned Director Jon Favreau and Composer/Conductor John Debney

An Enchanting Evening With Live-To-Picture Performance of the Beloved Score

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a remarkable celebration of the 20th anniversary of the holiday classic, Elf, film enthusiasts and fans alike congregated at the distinguished Peacock Theater in Downtown Los Angeles for Elf in Concert. This unique event, co-produced by CineConcerts and Innovation Arts and Entertainment, was graced by the esteemed director Jon Favreau, the visionary behind the film’s creation, and the Oscar-nominated composer John Debney. The pair welcomed a captivated audience, sharing insights and anecdotes from the making of this timeless movie. The event spotlight shone on director Jon Favreau and composer John Debney, as they addressed the audience from the Peacock Theater’s stage. Elf narrates the whimsical journey of Buddy the Elf, a character brought to life through Favreau’s innovative direction, portraying his inadvertent childhood relocation to the North Pole and subsequent quest to New York in his earnest elf attire. Favreau’s adept storytelling and Debney’s evocative score harmonize to create a cinematic experience that has captivated audiences for two decades. The Elf in Concert series extends the 20th-anniversary celebrations across the nation, with local orchestras performing Debney’s iconic score live to picture, mesmerizing audiences against the backdrop of a 40-foot screen. This series not only honors the film’s legacy but also showcases the enduring impact of Favreau’s directorial prowess and Debney’s musical genius. 

For more information on upcoming performances and to experience this magical journey, visit the official Elf in Concert website. Tickets are selling fast.

Photo Credit: Timothy Norris
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Director Jon Favreau (left) introduces composer/conductor John Debney (right) on stage. (Photo Credit: Timothy Norris) Composer/conductor John Debney (left), and Director Jon Favreau (Photo Credit: Timothy Norris)